Anglo-Eastern’s Homeward Bound is an initiative by Anglo-Eastern Group for mariners, seafarers, ship management personals and for seafaring & maritime communities to facilitate information & news among maritime communities and their families at large.

Anglo-Eastern is committed to developing global standards that will make a difference. Anglo-Eastern is committed to the growth and welfare to its sailing and shore staff, their family members, our society at large and eventually the entire world.

Anglo-Eastern Seminar 2017

The annual seminar of Anglo-Eastern community is organized on a yearly basis. The seminar is much looked forward to by the management, ship owners, sailing and shore staff. It brings out the focus and the promise that Anglo-Eastern stands for. It reassures the commitment that has made Anglo-Eastern a leading ship management company because of its hard working professional sailors & staff and its committed clientele.

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Proud to be a Mariner is a salutation from Anglo-Eastern to all the dedicated Mariners for their services and contributions towards the global economy.

Proud to be a Mariner is a salutation from Anglo-Eastern to all the dedicated Mariners for their services and contributions towards the global economy.

With a coast line of approximately 7517 kms, India has immense potential to become a maritime super power in the global scenario in the near future.

Read stories by family members on how they are proud to be in a Mariner’s life

Press coverage:
Economic Times, The Asian Age, Mid Day, The Statesman, Nav Bharat Times, Ekdin, Prayag, Pudhari, Garhwal Post, Surya Uday

“Proud To Be A Mariner” introduced in style by Capt. Vinay Singh at the XI Sailor Today Cricket Cup 2014 at Mumbai


Anavi is a unique resource mobilisation drive initiated by Anglo Eastern Ship Management (India) Pvt. Ltd. to bring smiles to the underprivileged in India. Anglo Eastern Ship Management is a respected Shipping Company which is now looking beyond just managing and running merchant ships as per world standards. This is basically an activity wherein it is aimed to touch and make better the lives of people who have not been fortunate enough to live a life where they could get even the basic necessities.

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16th Sailor Today Sea Shore Awards 2017

We have achieved this award once again and this is our 12th consecutive year to win this award.
We take this opportunity to thank all our staff , on board and ashore for their dedicated and tireless efforts towards this achievement.

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World Maritime Day was celebrated at Delhi on 16th Sep. 2017, with the support of Maritime institutes and Shipping companies staff. Anglo Eastern was one of the Lead sponsor and Organiser of this event and Chief guest for the event was Honourable Minister of Law (state ), Mr. P.P. Chaudhary

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No doubt the first and foremost advantage of donating blood is the exalted feeling of saving someone’s life. If we donate the little excess blood in our body, it could save someone’s life without creating any problem for us.

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One hundred days into the merger between Anglo-Eastern and Hong Kong shipmanager Univan our Grand Seminar was held on 24th and 25th November at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai.

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Thank you to AESMI & AEMA staff for dedicated and tireless efforts towards this achievement.

Manning Company of the year
Anglo Eastern Ship Management ( India ) Private Limited.

TMSA 2016 at Kolkata, Dehradun, Cochin and Goa

During the Voyage No. 382 from Pago–Pago to Auckland on 13th June 2016 Afternoon, vessel received Distress Message 52/16 from Maritime New Zealand with distress vessel PLATINO position and request from all the vessel within 500 NM to maintain sharp look out and report their position. Vessel reported own ship position 240 NM from distress unit.
AT 13 / 0900 Z vessel received acknowledgement from MARITIME OPERATION CENTRE TAUPO requesting ETA to Distress position.
13 / 0940 Vessel Distance to the distress unit 205NM and ETA 17 hour with request of instruction if own vessel needed to proceed to Distress position.
13 / 0958 Z Received confirmation on Deviation for rescue of distress vessel Platino with Distress vessel latest position update.
13 / 1000Z Vessel acknowledged the deviation confirmation with distance to Distress position 175 NM and estimated time to arrive at distress position in 14 hours.
Meeting with Master, Ch.Eng, 2nd Off and 3rd Off carried out along with satellite communication with Anglo eastern Singapore Office. After receiving OK to proceed for rescue operation from Anglo Eastern office Passage plan prepared and at 13 / 2212 vessel started to proceed to Distress position.
At 13 / 1200Z Position report sent to RCC and subsequently at 13/1800Z with ETA to distress position 13/2245Z. AT 13/2022Z Vessel sent updated position report, Sea & Weather condition to New Zealand RCC.
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The Oxfam Trailwalking came into our lives from an advertisement in the daily newspaper which caught our eyes. It was the thrill of the challenge of walking 100kms in 48hrs and the cause for the “Girl Child Education” which got us interested.

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Sharing my experience, which hopefully would inspire my colleagues & Mariners? I just completed the Olympic distance Triathlon on 23rd October 2016 in Hyderabad! That was something I could not believe myself!

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The plan to ride to leh originated with Manan sir (Manager DDN OFFICE) who had done a similar trip in the yr 2015. He along with sumit, aayush and myself planned the trip and set the deadline to leave on the 8th july 2016 from DDN to Chandigarh.

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