in Anavi, Kochi

“Books Are a Uniquely Portable Magic”-Stephen King.

They say it for a reason that books are your best friends.

The best habit we can inculcate in children is reading because “You Become What You Read”.

Keeping this in mind, members of ANAVI Kochi chapter decided to set up a library in one of the schools in Kochi. St. Michael’s Lower Primary School located on the coastal highway of Kochi was chosen in September 19’.

Over a period of 45 days, our members collected 650 books.

On 4th November 2019, ANAVI members Ms. Jincy Glen, Ms. Cicily Thomas, Ms. Mary Gladwin, Ms. Sweeta Midas along with Capt. Anoop Jose & Ms.Riya Cyrus from Anglo Eastern Kochi office handed over the books to the school management, at a small function arranged by the school – A happy and proud moment for all ANAVI members!!!.