The Anglo-Eastern Group has been established in the mid 1980s with a primary focus on the provision of Ship Management, Crew Management and New Building Consultancy services to third parties worldwide. It employs the best professionals, seafarers and mariners to deliver impeccable services.

Anglo-Eastern has a pool of over 10,000 professional seafarers, crew members, seafaring professionals, marine officers and over 600 full-time qualified shore-based staff positioned globally to assist owners with their needs.

Over the years, Anglo-Eastern stands tall on the hard work of its crew (mariners and seafarers) and shore staff. Its excellence in ship management, crew management and ship building consultancy has made Anglo-Eastern a much desired company to work with in the seafaring community. Anglo-Eastern’s policies ensures that there equitable growth for all its stakeholders.

Anglo-Eastern keeps its seafarers up to date with on going skill enhancing courses conducted in its state of art training centers for maritime professionals. At entry level, Anglo-Eastern also trains young cadets to become professional and seasoned mariners at at its maritime academy near Mumbai, India.

Anglo-Eastern continuously critiques and improves its sea- and shore-based competencies, allowing them to remain at the forefront of the industry. The sea-going fraternity looks at Anglo-Eastern not only for a job but for a life long career. Many of its employees have been loyal and dedicated to the mission and vision of the company for over a decade and more. Its management have been dedicated to the purpose of making Anglo-Eastern not only the leading ship-management company but also the safest and the most credible place to work and grow.

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