ANAVI team of Mumbai visited the Old Age home looked after by The Little Sisters of The Poor on 18th Jan to play Housie with the elders (their favourite game). When they entered the seating area, a firm & warm handshake of the excited uncle who volunteers to sell handmade flowers doubled their enthusiasm of visiting that day. It was a delight to see their excitement build up during the game. In the end they left with an imprint of their happy faces, carving a fulfilling and peaceful impact on their minds. (Bournvita, Horlicks and Toast packets were given as gifts)

On 2nd March, members visited Janvi Charitable Trust to greet the children and see their progress. They also played few games with the kids, danced with them and distributed snacks. They left that place with hearts filled with Joy.

The same day they paid a visit to the Old age home with the requested provisions and interacted with every elder. They sang with the elders who volunteered to perform golden party songs, regional and religious songs that brightened up the place. It was a time of fun to see each of their faces light up with a bright smile as they departed with a promise to come back again.

On 22nd March, the team visited multiple centres at Kalamboli and Taloja.

KALAMBOLI: Jyothis Charitable Trust’s Care

Centre: This branch of Jyothis shelters women with HIV / AIDS who are neglected by their families. These women spend their days doing daily chores and making decorative streamers / stars that are later sold. They are provided with regular health check and treatment. The centre has a Doctor’s cabin where in the doctor is available throughout the day from Mon – Fri. It also has a small Laboratory with a lab assistant . It was wonderful to see their faces light up with joy as we distributed sweets and colours for Holi since they missed celebrating the festival as there were a lot of visitors the previous day.

TALOJA: Jyothis Charitable Trust’s Care Centre: This branch of Jyothis shelters destitute women (those including aged and mentally unstable). On entering the lobby, we were greeted by a
welcome song sung by these women. We spent some time with them in interaction, playing a game – passing the parcel and distributed snacks (their Favourite Vada Pav). They all were overjoyed on our visit and insisted us to come back soon in anticipation of spending more time with them and playing exciting games to brighten their day.