Anavi Welcomes Mr. Peter Cremers and his family to Kolkata

Mr. Cremers was accompanied by his wife, Mrs Myriam Cremers and their young son Enzo.

“Many years ago someone told me that to do a good job; you have to put your heart in it. And that is what I saw here in the last two days. That you all have really put your heart into it.” Encouraging words by Mr Peter Cremers, CEO, Anglo Eastern Group, at the end of his two day visit to Kolkata.

Capt. Vinay Singh summed it up very nicely, “We should aim to be frugal and be able to help a lot more people.” Capt. Singh and his wife, Mrs. Bhavna Singh, were also thoroughly impressed by the work that Anavi has been doing in Kolkata.

Capt. Anil Tejpal and his wife accompanied the Cremers family from Hong Kong on the two days short trip with a well planned itinerary.

The first day began with a short introduction to all members of Anavi and a presentation on the activities of Anavi. A brief description of the various institutes that Anavi has been associated with was given.

The guiding principle of Anavi which reflects in our logo was very well explained by Mr. Maneesh Pradhan.

The first stop was Sarsuna School in Behala, in the southern part of Kolkata. Anavi has been associated with Sarsuna School for more than five years and has extended help to the institute in many ways. This is a home for more than 200 girls and Anavi has plans to start computer classes here by providing them with computers and teacher. Helping girls to learn a skill to make them independent is also on the agenda. Sarsuna School also has a vocational training centre, which Anavi plans to support.

The girls of the school presented a short cultural show for the guests. The visitors were impressed was clear from their claps and awe in their eyes.

A visit to Apon Ghar is always a moving experience which was our next stop. An old age home that Anavi has been associated with, is a small institute in a remote corner of southern Kolkata. Anavi has been helping them with monthly rations and occasional repairs. We have also provided them with a TV in the past and more recently a hot water geyser.
The old ladies do not have many materialistic demands but need someone to talk to. Even a short time spent with them brings smiles on their faces. The guests were clearly moved. The ladies distributed food packets and fruits to the inmates.

The second half of the day was planned for Nabneer School and old Age home in Chetla. Anavi has been associated with this institute in a big way. This was the first institute that we started out pilot Anavi school project. We have provided this institute with computers and a computer teacher. Regular visits by members to see the progress of the young children is done. Here again a small cultural event was organised by the students. It was very sporting of Mrs Cremers to join the children in singing Do Re Me with the children.

Nabneer old age home is within the same compound and the visitors were able to meet Mrs Geeta Sarkar here. Mrs Geeta Sarkar’s stay at Nabneer is sponsored by Anavi. All visitors spent some time with the inmates. It is the smiles on their faces and their blessings that make is all worthwhile.

Our final stop for the day was a container, which has been refurbished by the Hope Foundation and helping out the local children with studies and also giving them vocal training. Ramola Bhavan at Elliot Road in central Kolkata is another institute with a long association with Anavi. The inmates, in spite of their age remember most of the members and really enjoy their company. That was scheduled for the second day.

Both Mrs and Mr Cremers conveyed their best wishes to all members of Anavi. They were amazed at the small but significant changes that Anavi had been able to bring to so many lives and encouraged us to continue doing the good work. They promised a personal contribution as well as greater contribution from the company.

Capt. Vinay Singh and Mrs Singh resonated their thoughts and were clearly moved to have this firsthand experience.
Anavi members extended their sincere thanks to Mr and Mrs Cremers, Capt Vinay Singh and Mrs Singh and Capt Tejpal and Mrs Tejpal for their generous contribution. To be able to find time for a two day visit must have been very difficult and Anavi appreciates that more than anything else.

It was wonderful to have them all at Kolkata- The City of Joy and to be able to have them visit the various institutes. To be able to show them what has been done and so much more can still be done.

Thank you all – on behalf of all the people you have touched.

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Thanking you- Team ANAVI.

It was wonderful to have them all at Kolkata- The City of Joy and to be able to have them visit the various institutes.