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I am Satyajeet, Electro-Technical Officer, currently working with Anglo-eastern Ship Management. In this regard I would like to share my experience about attaining the Half Ironman tag by completing 70.3 ironman in Delhi triathlon championship on 5th of Nov 2017.

It all started on good vessel M.V. Delphis Gdansk managed by Anglo Eastern Ship Management. When I saw Capt. K. S. Thomas running for 7-10km straight during workout. This encouraged me to take a step towards my age old dream to be an iron-man. I am very thankful to him as I have already taken first step to acheive my target.

Many people think, on a vessel its hard to find time for your hobbies or anything besides your work. But I have seen exceptions like Cadet Mr. Arjun Tiwari, 3rd officer Mr. Yuvraj Ghai, Capt. K.S. Thomas , OS Mr. Paul Titus and many more in various fields which helped me a lot in my cause.

I started work out on vessel only from 5km running and signed off at 21 km in over 2 hours time. After signing off I took a due break for family and get back to my training. I started preparing for 1st stage of becoming an Ironman which is to complete a half Ironman.

As this is not a famous sport in India, Half Ironman is basically a race which consists of 2Kms swimming, 90kms cycling and 21 km of running in given sequence without any break. These make it Costly and Physically as well as mentally tough.

I started my training targeting a time anything below 6 hours.It took over 30 hrs training every week which doesn’t matter once you cross the finish line.

On 5th of Nov Triathlon started at 5:30 in the morning at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. I was quite nervous while taking my cap to start in astonishing view of Talkatora stadium but as soon as swimming started only thing I remember was sacrifices my mother made for me, which let me put a step on the start line.

Thanks Mom for last three months to keep pressure away from me while training.

After completing swimming I got crashed on pool tiles due to wet feet, frosted swimming goggles and floor tiles getting an impact on hips and back of the head but volunteers helped me to get back on the track. After this, I made a mistake in taking the wrong route for cycling which made me do about 8 km more than required distance. But these things matters least when you are into an event.

Prior to Triathlon everybody doubted my decision looking at toughness of event but I always replied ‘Either I will Finish it proudly or come out on a stretcher’ and later one was never an option. But on such distances self motivation is a must.

It was a moment of pride when I saw the finish line with lot of people around to cheer up. Later on when I checked timings for race it was a surprise for me to complete it in 5 hours and 17 min. (52 min swimming,2 hour 34 minutes cycling, 1 hour 43 min running and 8 min transition time). I finished 5th in overall ranking even after doing extra miles.

Its been such a great experience for me. Now I am targeting to go for Ironman in Malaysia next November. Hope everybody around as well as shipping environment will support me to achieve my dream and I promise to share next part by next year end after shooting an Ironman as I hate being on a stretcher.

~ ETO Satyajeet