Newsletter August 2016

Day of Seafarer: THIS IS MY SHIP

I am glad and thankful that I am offered a job to work on this good vessel. I not only see this opportunity as a learning experience for myself once again, but also how I can bring about improvement to our vessel and to our company. There is always a lot to learn and that there is a lot to teach. We need to focus to save costs by better management and accountability, taking responsibility and educating our workforce to be more productive by being safe, efficient and economical. We need to improve on our civic duties and understand what garbage is and where to put it. We need to change our thinking that “there is someone else to clean up my mess”.

We have people who work hard and cook to feed us and pick up the trash that others leave behind carelessly. We have people who relentlessly work hard to fix things when they break down or not perform affecting our work and operations. We have people who keep on their toes and constantly work days and nights to keep the vessel on a safe and steady course.

We have a beautiful ship and this is where we spend most of our time to earn our living. Our place of work defines who we are and how we work. We must respect the place that feeds us and keeps our family together. When we take care of our ship it takes care of us. “This is my ship and this is where I work” is the feeling that we all should have in our heart and take pride to show it to the world. Our ship grows in age, and to be part of a success story we have to grow together in age, experience and social responsibility. There is no “my side” or “your side” and there is no “I”. The day we all start addressing ourselves as “WE” the change will be evident. We all have to do our own bit. I can change nothing alone but together we can and we will.

Mushtaq A. Chougule
Chief Engineer

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Rescue operation M. V. Southern Lily 14th June 2016

During the Voyage No. 382 from Pago–Pago to Auckland on 13th June 2016 Afternoon, vessel received Distress Message 52/16 from Maritime New Zealand with distress vessel PLATINO position and request from all the vessel within 500 NM to maintain sharp look out and report their position. Vessel reported own ship position 240 NM from distress unit.

AT 13 / 0900 Z vessel received acknowledgement from MARITIME OPERATION CENTRE TAUPO requesting ETA to Distress position.

13 / 0940 Vessel Distance to the distress unit 205NM and ETA 17 hour with request of instruction if own vessel needed to proceed to Distress position.

13 / 0958 Z Received confirmation on Deviation for rescue of distress vessel Platino with Distress vessel latest position update.

13 / 1000Z Vessel acknowledged the deviation confirmation with distance to Distress position 175 NM and estimated time to arrive at distress position in 14 hours.
Meeting with Master, Ch.Eng, 2nd Off and 3rd Off carried out along with satellite communication with Anglo eastern Singapore Office. After receiving OK to proceed for rescue operation from Anglo Eastern office Passage plan prepared and at 13 / 2212 vessel started to proceed to Distress position.

At 13 / 1200Z Position report sent to RCC and subsequently at 13/1800Z with ETA to distress position 13/2245Z. AT 13/2022Z Vessel sent updated position report, Sea & Weather condition to New Zealand RCC.

At 13 / 2027Z New Zealand Air force Aircraft Orion contacted the vessel and passed the current EPIRB position of Sailing vessel. Vsl passed ETA to Distressed vessel Platino at 13 / 2245Z ( 14 / 1045 LT ). 14 / 0945LT Vessel commenced Reducing RPM to Prepare vessel for manouvering.

14 / 1002LT Aircraft Orion passed the current position of distressed vessel to own vessel. 14 / 1022 LT Sailing Vessel confirmed that Southern lily is in their sight. 14 / 1024 LT Vessel ready for Manouvering.

14 / 1025 Evacuation plan discussed among OWN vessel, Aircraft Orion and SV Platino, Considering Rough weather condition ( wind SE 25-30 Knot and Swell SE 3 Mtr ) Aircraft Orion and SV Platino Advised the Vessel that only survivors to be rescued, deceased person body to remain on yacht. Own vessel explained the evacuation plan to SV Platino and Aircraft Orion that vessel will take the yacht on leeward side and crew will pass the Heaving line to the yacht and subsequently yacht will be pulled along side and survivors will board the vessel using Pilot ladder.

14 / 1100 LT Vessel made approach to Yacht, On reaching close to the Yacht heaving line could not be received by the yacht crew due to rough sea condition. Approach to the Yacht did not succeed and vessel had to move away to clear the Yacht from making contact with the vessel. Vessel started preparation for second attempt but SV Platino Crew Refused to go along with the Plan.

They insisted on lowering the rescue boat for the evacuation. Considering the rough weather condition it was difficult to retrieve the Rescue boat if lowered in water. Contacted the DPA and updated him with the situation. Vessel maintained their position close to SV PLATINO and waited for wind to reduce further.

14 / 1337 vessel discussed the second plan with Aircraft Orion and SV Platino that vessel will keep the Platino on the starboard side at a distance of about 50 MTR and ship’s crew will use the Line Throwing Apparatus to pass the line to the Yacht.

Once the Line received by the yacht vessel will pass the Life buoy and messenger line to the yacht. If possible we will pull the yacht along side or survivor can be transferred one by one to the vessel using life buoy and messenger line. SV Plationo agreed with this Plan.

14 / 1345 Vessel started making second approach for evacuation. Yacht brought at the distance of 50 MTR on Starboard side and stopped with the intention that vessel will start drifting towards the yacht with help of wind and Yacht will remain stationery as she will be getting the LEE from the vessel.

Ship’s Crew fired the LTA to pass the Line but unfortunately LTA Line parted. Ship’s Crew fired second LTA and Line in the water near the forward part of the Yacht.

One survivor picked up the LTA line and tied to the yacht till that time vessel had drifted towards the yacht and distance between vessel and yacht was approx 20 mtr. Ship’s crew threw the heaving line and passed the gant line to tie up at the end part of the Yacht.

After making fast the yacht with LTA Line and gant line, Ship’s crew slowly pulled the yacht along side of the vessel and Engine and Bow thruster used to maintain the yacht position near the pilot ladder and avoid any violent heeling.

14 / 1415 All three survivors boarded the vessel one by one and yacht casted away. Vessel clear the Yacht by using Astern engine and bow thruster Subsequently Yacht cleared vessel Bow and vessel resumed the passage. Notification of successful rescue operation made to Aircraft Orion, RCC, DPA and all the concerned parties.

All the Three Survivors were extremely happy on boarding the vessel and they started hugging the ship’s crew with Thanks. All three survivors were taken to hospital and checked their vital all found normal. Food and water given to the survivors and cabin allotted to them for rest.

Capt. Shashi Prakash
Master,Southern Lily

Mr. Prosenjit Barua
Chief Engineer

Mr.Ashish Kumar
Chief Officer

Mr.Stephen Buizon
Third Officer

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Life at Sea

A) M.V. “Mississauga Express” by Capt. Roozbeh Mamlatdar

B) M.V. Shandong Da Zhi by Cdt. Chaitanya Suri

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Fun activities organized on board

A) Equator crossing ceremony – M.T. Sabine


C)Ore Brasil

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On 10th of July The Team at Dehradun visited Hari-om Ashram with AESM sea staff and the Anavi Lady Team (16 NOS). Food packets and fruits (Mc Donald’s) / games / sport equipment was provided for the under privileged children.

The children participated in ART / Dance competition, and the elder boy’s invited Dehradun staff for a cricket match.

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As part of Anavi ’s Annual activity we had organised a BLOOD DONATION CAMP in our office premises on the 23rd of July, for the Cancer Centre and Research Institute Blood Bank of Kolkata. We had 79 donors in all. The Camp was a huge success like always.

Rajan Bose
Kolkata Chapter

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Iswan International Seafarers Welfare Award 2016

25 June 2016 : Shipping
Company of the year

The winners of ISWAN’s International Seafarers’ Welfare Awards 2016 were announced on 24th June at a high-profile ceremony held in Manila, the Philippines. The ceremony forms part of ISWAN’s celebrations in the Philippines for the IMO Day of the Seafarer. The awards were presented by IMO Secretary General Mr. Kitack Lim to seven recipients who have provided exceptional services for the welfare and wellbeing of seafarers.

We are pleased to inform you that Anglo-Eastern Ship Management was awarded the Shipping Company of the Year.


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Two is Joy, Three is a Party

Chennai Chapter

(3/E – Paul Cherian Mobin & Mrs. Elizabeth Sunny were blessed with 3 beautiful triplets on 10/02/2016)

They were born in below sequence

Cyril – 0930 hrs (boy)

Christiene – 0932 hrs (girl)

Chris – 0934 hrs (boy)

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Husband Onboard

Our own Hong Kong 3rd Engineer Ms. Yoyo had the opportunity to sail with her husband Gaurav on board MV Baltic Leopard.Gaurav himself is a Sea farer.

Following from Ms. Yoyo –

Would want to take this chance to thank everyone who has helped this to have happened, brought him onboard to me. With him being with me onboard, it has put my heart at great ease. I am also very much thankful to my husband Gaurav, he has been a great support to me, even my choice of career had given him loads of heartache. Loving a sailor is not easy. On top of that, a sailor staying in love with another sailor is even more difficult.

Yoyo, Chan Lok Sang

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Leh Ladakh & Glory, Ride to the top of The World

Days : 12
Distance : 2650 Kms
Dates : 08th June 2016 to 19th June 2016

The plan to ride to leh originated with Manan sir (Manager DDN OFFICE) who had done a similar trip in the yr 2015. He along with sumit, aayush and myself planned the trip and set the deadline to leave on the 8th july 2016 from DDN to Chandigarh.

Riding to leh was achived in the span of 4 days via chandigarh, manali, sarchu and leh.

Crossing ROHTANG LA / GATA LOOPS / Baralachla / Tanglala pass enroute made the journey exciting and mesmerizing. Leaving from sarchu and crossing the Morie plains to Tangla pass was the experience of a life time, we had encountered heavy snow storm.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, We started riding towards the merciless Tanglala pass.

Unfortunately I felt low oxygen and had to comsume demox-tab for keep going, as the show must go on and we had a target to reach Leh. Nothing comes when a mariner decided to do something and is backed by fellow mariner friends who supported me and boosted my morale to keep going when I was not feeling so good.

We had no option but to move immediately to the next military camp medical site which was almost 40 kms from our camp. We managed to reach Pang where there was military camp I was given oxygen to make my level normal and was advised by camp doc to continue and move further and get the other side of Tanglala pass as we were on 15400 ft and more up we go the more we feel less oxygen.

Heading from leh to khardungla was the day that all of us had dreamt of & The Khardung la pass and The highest motorable road in the world. Some of us couldn’t sleep the night before because of the sheer excitement. Khardung la situated at 5608 metres or 18380 feet is the gateway to Shyok and Nubra Valleys. At an altitude of 18360 feet to the top of the ridge, with lots of switchbacks,with a feeling of pride, a sense of achievement and a good stretch of off-roading you finally reach K-Top. So a quick click with the board which says Khardungla & Highest Motor able road in the world and you are back on your bikes.

Arriving at the Nubra Valley one would come across a 35 metre statue of Maitreya Buddha or The Future Buddha facing down the Shyok River towards Pakistan. The view f from the Diskit Gompa is mesmerizing thus making it an important spot for you to visit.

The most precious and memorable memories we collected and the adventure we had is somethings priceless and unforgettable and one thing is clear that most precious things in the world dosen’t come for any cost.. We never felt like leaving Leh landscapes but life has to go on and we will be back again to visit Leh with more enthusiasm and energy again and again and yet again.
We experienced a good teamwork, helping each other and moving with each other, always looking for the other in the rear view mirror. Leh we will be back.

Angloite’s interested in RIDING TO LEH – 2017
should contact : Mr. Manan Oberai (+919719114397) – Dehradun Office.
C/O Prateek Bhatt ( TANKER POOL )
Fellow friends – Manan Oberai (MANAGER DDN OFFICE) / 2/ E Sumit Negi – GAS POOL / 3 /E Aayush Negi – GAS POOL


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Release The Stress, We Are Doing A Good Job!

Here’s how we work, from morn to dusk,
Surrounded by documents and people visiting us.

To start off with; an interview is scheduled,
Only the good ones stay, the others just know they got to walk away.

From all the Branch offices; around our Country,
Come experienced officers; working on ME Engines and Gantry.

Navigation and Steering and Trading World Wide,
They are called ‘Masters’ coz they know exactly how to face every Tide.

Sailed on Tanker, Bulk, Gas or Liner; all applications come along,
But they only want to be placed; where they belong.

A docket is prepared, with all information in place,
With CBT, MDQ and SPOTs assessed.

No delay is made to get it entered and scanned,
Could be a new recruit or even an Ex – Hand.

Engineers or Officers; the top 2 are proposed,
It better be done on time; or the position gets closed !

It’s not over yet, it’s just the beginning,
After OK to Plan, comes joining formalities and briefing.

Passport, CDC, CoC and INDOS;
US Visa, Yellow fever, Master Checker and STCW,
Set 1 and 2 – A perfect Segregation,
When orderly completed; there’s File Location.

Where all the work; gets done on time,
Everyone working; with diligence and a Smile,
Here’s where the heart; of Shipping belongs,
Anglo Eastern has a place; for one and all.
Only a deserving seafarer, here, can make a good career,
Raise his head up high and say, “I’m proud to be a Mariner.”

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M.V. Bomar Quest – Seafarer Day Celebration

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One of our cadets  of DNS 5, Roll no 511, Suvigya Balani has topped the 2nd mates exam this year with 890 / 1100 marks and is a winner of gold medal for same .

Heartiest congratulations to Suvigya and also to the staff at AEMA who made this possible.

Into each life some rain must fall.

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World Yoga Day

On the eve of International Yoga day we would like to share the practices of Yoga Asana. The theme is Yoga Namaskar.

Capt. A.K. Adarsh/Manoj Kumar Singh

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New Delivery

LPG / C SHAAMIT joined the management on 22 April.
She is Fully ref VLGC from Petredec and on a long term charterer to SHELL.

Capt. Bipin Kumar

Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.

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Ships Birthday – Federal Tyne

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Sketches by Capt. Swaraj Singh Virdi – Master M.V. ABIGAIL N

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Friesian Steers Her Way

Panting and pounding Friesian steers her way
Moving across oceans night & day
Capt is the supreme commander
Whose enthusiasm & knowledge is an 8th wonder
Ch/off is fond of only cargo & deck games
Whereas cadet walks like a dame
3rd off & 2nd off r good friends
Whose fervor & creativity is necessary to commend
Cadet as usual is always lost onboard
Ages will take him to learn rules of the road
Ch/eng is one of his kinds
Defects and faults in everything he’ll find
2n eng is not lacking behind.
3rd Eng never greets anyone he meets
4th Eng behaves as if he is roaming on the streets
Elec/Off is always checking one of the alarms
& APOR Brooms as if he is ploughing a farm
All AB’s are complete chatter boxer’s onboard
& Contributions of junior officers in this respect cannot be ignored
The three Oilers. Who are inevitably always found hanging on boilers?
Pumpman is famous for his long conversations
& OS with everyone shares a good relation
Ch/cook always makes good food
STSM on the other hand is always confused
These are the Fairchem Friesians unique characters
Whose hard work & support for the improvement of the vessel is a great factor

By Capt. Lawrence . A . D’souza and Team

Commanded by Capt Lawrence with support from C/E Sunil , C/O Rohil & 2/E Gokul

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Blood Donation By AEMA cadets

Blood donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society. It is not harmful for an adult person to donate blood. The body of the donor can regenerate the blood within few days. It poses no threat to the metabolism of the body.

An ailing body needs blood for various reasons. One  may have anaemia, undergone an operation or may have met with an accident. Such a patient may die for want of blood if  it is not  available. Even a pregnant mother may need blood in case of emergency situation. The patient needs blood of his or her group. Some of the groups are not always available in stock.

The young cadets from AEMA  answered an urgent call for requirement of blood groups B and AB. Sixteen of them travelled hours after their examination to and from distance of a hundred  miles to MGM hospital Belapur, Navi Mumbai to donate blood.

It is now a tradition for the AEMA boys to donate blood for the needy. Camps are held annually to coincide with Indian independence day celebrations or such occasions.

Spot The differences

There are ten differences

1. Top head size, of an umbrella no. 1 from left side.
2. Raincoat size of a girl standing at the corner (right).
3. Size of an umbrella no. 2 from left side.
4. Color change in a trouser of couple no. 2 (left partner) from left.
5. The white circle in the middle of the umbrella no. 3 from left.

6. Color change in a trouser of couple no. 2(right partner) from left
7. Head of an umbrella (color) no. 2 from right side.
8. open mouth in couple no. 1 from right side (Girl’s).
9. Color change in part of an umbrella no. 1 from right side.
10. Window open in the background.