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It was a fine evening and we were about 250 miles west of the Azores islands on our way to Newark (New York, USA), that we received a VHF call from a Skipper (Mr. Robert De Kort, citizen of Netherlands) of a small sailing boat “Madrugada” asking for weather update and if possible, could help with some water & provisions as he was running out of food and water. On further talking, we came to know that he was alone in the sailing boat and due to a storm, his sailboat’s steering/engine system had broken down and was now on the mercy of the Wind and God.

I decided to help him with food & water, and turn the ship around to come closer to the sailboat. The Skipper was not able to steer the boat with all his efforts and asked to come closer. I brought the ship closer to the boat to pass the line to the boat and managed to get her alongside which took more than an hour of patience. All were so happy to help him with food and water. We asked him if he required any other help but he said the help was very welcoming and we can now continue our voyage

And just when the ship got cleared of the Sail boat, again we got a call on VHF from Mr. Robert that he had injured his leg while coming alongside and when he opened his shoes he realized that he was bleeding badly. He kept on asking for being rescued because he couldn’t sail in this condition. It was almost 11 pm in the night and deciding to wait for the dawn or to rescue him immediately was a tough call as with the swell & wave of 2 to 3 meters, I did not want any other injuries and mis-happenings. I called all my team and told that the old man is bleeding continuously and it would not be wise to wait till the dawn, so we need to help him right now. Thanks to my full team that everybody was so willing to help him in every possible way. So we planned to come closer to the Sailboat and use the Rescue boat to get him out of his boat as this time he would be unable to help himself in any way to come closer to the ship.

The final chapter began as we approached a very fine target on the Radar. He was also running out of power to switch on his lights on the boat so he had switched off all his lights. It was pitch dark and we could not see the boat at all, even at 0.3 miles, with our flood lights. We asked him to switch-on his lights otherwise its too difficult to come further closer. I brought the ship again near the boat to about 100m and started to launch the Rescue boat with my Brave team. The Sailboat very nicely came alongside and the rescue-team members went on the Sailboat to make her fast and rescued the Skipper Mr. Robert. We finally rescued him safely at the late night hours of darkness. We brought him onboard and provided him with first-aid & food. We contacted the Rescue center and again turned the ship towards the Azores island where the Navy helicopter took him to the hospital.

It’s a deep feeling of satisfaction to save him and
watch him so happy, which cannot be expressed
in words.

Thanks to my full team of M.V. Maersk Bintan that
made this Tough Rescue possible.


~ Capt. Rishi Kant Narayan | Master, M.V. Maersk Bintan | 28-29th July 2019


On a stormy evening of 13th June 2019, little did the crew of the Ardmore Sealifter know what was in store for them. As the sun set and twilight set in, at 20:24hrs, a distress call was received on VHF Ch 16 from a Pleasure Sailing Craft- Boundless just around 11nm away north of the vessel. The 38 foot sailing vessel “Boundless”, reported to have lost her rudder and with no control of the craft, asked my vessel to render immediate assistance. We immediately acknowledged the same and deviated from our route to New York, to assist the distressed “Boundless”

With just over an hour to arrive at the distress location, my crew started gearing up and preparing for rescue of the 4 persons onboard the Boundless, who were known to be of Canadian origin and were desperately seeking for help. Revolutions were increased on the engines, so as to reach on scene at the earliest.

A distress message was relayed to MRSC St John’s, JRCC Halifax & 8 JRCC Boston over the phone and advised them of the situation. All notifications were sent in time as per protocol which was very efficiently managed by the Second and Third Officer. On notifying the owners & managers, it was very assuring to see that no questions were asked and they showed immense faith in us.

As a young Master with just 4 months of experience, many concerning thoughts came to my mind. How would I get the 182 mtr long ship to come alongside this small craft, how would we attempt the rescue ? We had not even spotted the Boundless on radar nor could we pick up any SART signal or see a visible flare. With the weather, visibility against us and to add to it the period of twilight, made it very difficult to get a clear sight of the Boundless. Myself, along with the Chief Officer Mr. Sampurnanand Sinha , Chief Engineer Jaikumar Vellluthe & the Bridge Team discussed the plan on bridge, knowing the complexity of the situation. We knew we had to give our best no matter what.

It was at 21:00 hrs LT, some 4nm off from the Boundless, that we asked them to fire Flares so that we could locate them visually. The sight of the flares charged up my crew who were in full swing preparing for rescue on main deck amidst the strong winds and swells. I was amazed on as to how the entire crew from all departments gathered to help under the guidance of the Chief Officer. It was as if they had rehearsed the act before. It clearly showed “ONE TEAM” in action and with just one goal “TO SAVE THE LIFE OF THE 4 PERSONS”. Pilot ladders and embarkation ladders were rigged on both sides, messenger lines kept ready, winches were powered up. Engines were brought to maneuvering in quick time. All limits were bypassed and Chief Engineer assured me that I could use bold movements on the engines.

The biggest concerning factor for me was the speed of my vessel as I had to maintain enough speed to steer the vessel and maintain heading counteracting the winds, currents and swell and at the same time avoid colliding with the “Boundless” at high speeds which could further endanger their lives.

With the speed of the vessel reduced, my vessel was heavily impacted by the currents and strong winds causing her to drift away from the Boundless. But the crew on deck under the guidance of the Chief Officer very skillfully, tactfully and safely secured the “Boundless” around midship, where the first 2 crew were rescued by the Pilot Ladder by 21:42LT. However due to strong winds, currents, heavy strain caused the securing rope to part causing the Boundless to drift towards the stern of the vessel, continuously ramming against the hull of my own vessel. The Boundless was once again made fast and the remaining 2 crew members were rescued by the embarkation ladder on port side by 21:48LT.

We had a sigh of relief once all 4 of them were onboard. We hugged each other while the 4 rescued crew, thanked each and every one of the crew of the Ardmore Sealifter for their brave effort. The rescue attempt was done in very good time, all thanks to the professional work by the crew of the Ardmore Sealifter and the calm, composed, focused 4 rescued crew, who were very quick in latching on to the vessels ladders.

Vessel headed back to New York, leaving behind the unmanned Boundless, to find her destiny.

The rescue crew who were delighted and feeling safe fell short of words to express their feelings & gratitude towards the ship staff. Their families were contacted and made aware of their wellbeing.

13th of June 2019, will always be a very special day to me and to my crew onboard the Ardmore Sealifter. On the hindsight, in addition to the hard work, professional approach and skill showed by the crew of the Ardmore Sealifter, I feel the prayers of many loved ones and God’s blessings had a big role to play. As rightly said by the spouse of one of the survivors, “The Ardmore Sealifter Crew were the answer to many prayers”

I truly feel blessed and special to have this very special, close to my heart crew under my command. The following day, I thanked all my crew and the 4 crew rescued for their valiant efforts in the rescue operation. It was one of the biggest joys of life to have saved a life. On one hand, where terrorism and piracy have been killing innocent mariners, it was heart touching and overwhelming to have saved lives at sea.

The crew was overwhelmed with the messages pouring from all departments of the company applauding & congratulating the valiant crew of the Ardmore Sealifter.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the shore staff for the constant support and cooperation given
to us during the operation. I would like to end with a saying I once read, “You Live Just Once, But If You Do It Right, Then Once Is Just Enough.”

~Capt Wendell Hendricks
Master, Ardmore Sealifter

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But this is also an emotional moment for many of us here, who were associated with these lovely ships from the beginning.

In my case the journey with N class started 16 years ago, with the old N Gas ships.

All of us here have experienced wonderful memories on these ships and were glad to call them our second home.

Going further, these ships were not only our second home, but for many more who sailed with her in their childhood.

The emotions are expressed through a painting of the Lovely Lady “JENNY N” by my son Monaal Dhiman who painted this when he was 6 years old. It is posted in Captain’s office.

We will keep these ships in our fond memories, wherever we are.

~ Capt. Bipin Kumar | Master LPG/C Jenny N

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“If travelling by plane is Flying, is Travelling by ship Swimming ?? NO !!! Skydiving is FLYING !!! “

Having seen many skydiving videos and heard first-hand accounts of “Conquering the Fear” and the Adrenaline-Rush, I wanted to Skydive and so I booked myself a place in the AFF (Accelerated Free-Fall) Course of June 2019. As per USPA (United States Parachute Association) records, there are just about 40 thousand skydivers in the entire world.

We arrived at the Drop Zone in the evening. It seemed like a resort and people were enjoying a barbeque. We checked into our cottages and waited anxiously for our classes and Jumps to start.

The next morning started with Familiarization videos and was followed by “Ground School” – In skydiving – the sky is the classroom and classes take place at Terminal velocity!! so the name Ground school was appropriate for a classroom on land.

A “Skydive” is defined as the descent of a person to the surface, from an aircraft in flight, when he or she uses or intends to use a parachute during that descent.

During the day, there were a few theoretical sessions about Accelerated Free-Fall, In-flight Hand Signals, Parachute (referred by skydivers as the Rig) construction and use, Safety Devices, Emergencies and Canopy flying. We were then taken to the “Hanger & Manifest”, where we were asked to wear our Jump Suits (Special aerodynamic suits used by there were butterflies in my stomach. My instructor was constantly comforting me and asked me to relax and enjoy the Jump. Final Gear check was done in the air-craft by the instructor and at 12500 ft AGL, the aircraft door was opened and we moved to the cabin edge. The smell of the thin air and aircraft exhaust was overwhelming. The wind was strong against my face, when the instructor showed a “Thumbs-Up” and we tumbled out of the aircraft. The fall was thrilling and whenever I tried to say something my mouth would go wobbling. I watched the sun setting, the Earth below and the Blue Skies above as we were free-falling. At 5500 Ft the instructor asked me to deploy the pilot shoot. Once the main parachute deployed I enjoyed the slow descent and canopy flight with instructions followed by re Canopy flying and landed safely. The Sunset Tandem jump was the most beautiful and memorable.

Skydiving has a number of disciplines, Tandem, Free “If travelling by plane is Flying, is Travelling by ship Swimming ?? NO !!! Skydiving is FLYING !!! “Flying, Accelerated Freefall, Relative work and Wing Suit. In Tandem a Qualified instructor will hook on the student to his (instructor’s) harness and will Jump with him. The student who remains in front gets to enjoy the fall and the view, doing nothing. The
Parachute is also piloted by the Instructor. This first jump is aimed at reducing the fear in the student’s mind about jumping out of a de-pressurised aircraft in flight, at over 12000 feet Above Ground Level.The tandem jump was at first scary, then Thrilling and Exciting!!

During the following days, I jumped with my own Parachute. Instructors would explain the objective of the Jump and a mock practise was done on land. Then After checking the Rig, we boarded the aircraft. As the Aircraft climbed to Exit Altitude, I was once again getting butterflies in my stomach, anxiety and fear started gripping me. I was determined to complete the AFF course and the constant comforting and re assuring words of the instructors helped. My instructor would look at me and smile and say “Relax”. At 12500 Ft the aircraft door was opened and we lined-up for the exit. When it was my turn, I was focused only on the jump objectives. During the first few jumps I was unstable and the instructor helped me stabilize. Many a times he would fly in front of me and signal me to RELAX… Yes RELAX was the Skydiver’s Mantra…. There was nothing to fear. I then realized that Relaxing took away the fear and anxiety and all my stability issues. I was indeed flying like a bird, aware of the position of my limbs, head and totally relaxed.

The instructor would advise me on the landing pattern and during the first few jumps I was provided with a walkie-talkie for the instructor to guide me in the landing. After a few falls (called Parachute Landing Falls – which is a drill taught to all Canopy fliers) I learnt to land on my feet and remain standing

The AFF course has 5 categories (A to E) and the student must demonstrate proficiency in each category, before he is cleared for Solo Jumps (without instructor). During the AFF course, each student is accompanied by 1 or 2 instructors, who fly alongside Him / Her and teach the skills, in the air. I developed skills to remain stable, be altitude aware, turn in the air, front roll, back roll, barrel-roll, safely deploy the parachute and Parachute piloting and landing. All jumps were recorded and the instructors reviewed the video of that jump and identified corrections to be made. In some cases, AFF simulation in the Wind Tunnel was prescribed. I cleared AFF after 10 jumps with instructors and 30 minutes at the wind tunnel (indoor space where Free-Fall conditions were simulated), over a period of 3 days.

I felt a great sense of accomplishment when My instructor announced my AFF completion on the PA System and the whole hanger burst out into Applause… all skydivers , known and unknown, different nationalities appreciated me (High-five and a Hug / is the way skydivers appreciate)….. I had taken my first step and now belonged to the Skydiving community…………. Goal No 1 achieved. As the applause died-down I decided that I was going ahead and learning more skills to qualify for the USPA “A-License”. This required me to do
more jumps with a coach and spend more time at the Wind Tunnel.

We used a SM-92T aircraft for smaller loads (upto 7 jumpers) and a STARTREK aircraft for larger loads (upto 18 jumpers). Every jump was exciting. In my first solo jump, I just enjoyed the fall and the “Birds- Eye” view from the sky, falling at 120 mph, the first 1000 ft passed in 10 seconds and thereafter I fell 1000 ft every 5.5 seconds. The Flying (freefall) lasted for 45 seconds and when I reached the altitude of 4500 ft AGL, I released the pilot shoot to deploy the Main Parachute. Then after checking the parachute’s manoeuvrability I enjoyed the canopy flight slowly descending to 1000 ft when I started the landing pattern.

My next 15 jumps went on rather quickly when I learnt other flying skills and also Parachute packing. I completed 25 jumps in all and became eligible for the USPA A-License. Now I am qualified to skydive solo in any Drop Zone across the globe….Goal 2 accomplished…. A great sense of pride and overwhelming joy to be a part of the Sky-Diving community and most importantly “Fear Conquered”. My next aim is to become a Free-Flyer… which will need more coaching, practise and more jumps.

Anyone interested may contact me at [email protected] and I will be more than happy to guide

~ Capt. Sreganesh Nandagopal
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Our 2/O Ms. Arjun Joseph (Liner pool) was a speaker at the World maritime Day celebrations, Cochin on 26th September 2019.

She gave a special address on World Maritime Day theme of this year which is: “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community”

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We are pleased to inform you all that Anglo-Eastern Ship Management (India) Private Limited has been conferred with Maharashtra Best Employer Brand Award’ 2019 on 5th July 2019, at a prestigious event held at Taj, Lands End, Mumbai.

Maharashtra Best Employer Brand Awards celebrates Best Employer Brand, as a build-up to the Global Employer Brands which are a part of the World HRD Congress. Their effort draws reference from the organization research related to any organization that is the most preferred & looked up to as an organization of choice & Preferred Employer, internal and external. The Maharashtra Best Employer Brand Awards featured the Top organizations from Maharashtra State who are exemplary in HR and used Marketing communications effectively for Human Resources Development. These awards were given away to several reputed Companies and Anglo-Eastern was the only Shipping Company on the elite awardee list.

The key criteria assessed were as follows:-

· Translating and Combining vision with action with HR Strategy.
· Building line to mesh HR Strategy with Business.
· Cultivating competencies for the future to enable building the organization to be future-ready.

The jury has considered the listed points for the award for Anglo Eastern:

· The performance of the company from past 5 years
· Being one of the Best Shipping Management company in India
· Best Recruitment & Candidate experience ( Deck / Engineers & Corporate Shore HR Dept.)
· Equal opportunity to women leaders & Quality certified company in the business.

This is an Award for all of us at Anglo-Eastern. Being the Largest Merchant Shipping family of India, this
is another feather in our cap. The commitment and professionalism on display by each one, in this celebrated organisation, is what makes us a World Class outfit.

We would like to Congratulate and Thank all of you for your contributions to the success of this great Company. Let’s continue to stay together and work with integrity to achieve more recognition by doing the right things always.

Our goal remains to Build Trust, Drive Performance and Shape a Better Maritime Future.

~Maneesh Pradhan
Managing Director – AESMI

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Technology is incredible and the benefits are huge in so many aspects of everyday life. In our previous issue we already discussed the impacts of digital overload on our physical, mental & emotional health in the article on “Screen Time Vs Real Time”.

Ask yourself a few quick questions: Have you ever felt mentally exhausted? Or, do you find yourself being unable to pay attention, making simple mistakes or forgetting things?

These are signs of digital overload. Significant research shows that excessive digital stimulation can decrease the ability to concentrate, increase stress and anxiety, reduce productivity, disrupt sleep/ wake cycle (circadian rhythms) & is bad for your relationships & self- esteem. When you take a step back and reflect at your daily lifestyle, it can feel like there’s no escaping the screen. However, being able to unplug and have some time away from the screen will leave you re-energised and more in touch with the world around you.

Digital detox refers to a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets & even TV. A digital detox is primarily done to avoid being addicted or obsessed or over dependent on the digital devices and instead be mentally relaxed by taking some time to enjoy the physical or real world. This enables maintaining a healthy balance between normal life and the time a person spends using such electronic devices. It is regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress, focus more on social interaction and connection with nature in the physical world. Claimed benefits include increased mindfulness, lowered anxiety, and an overall better appreciation of one’s environment.

Here’s an inspirational quote from author Anne Lamott

Steps on How to do Digital Detox And their Benefits



Go through your phone and computer settings and turn off all non-essential alerts, notifications including lights, sounds and vibrations. Ask yourself- Do you really need all those alerts? Your brain is hard-wired to respond to every alert. These alerts stimulate dopamine— a neurochemical that is part of the brain’s reward system and is involved in addiction which in turn encourages pleasure-seeking or validation seeking behaviour, that creates an environment for mental distress. Since not being connected 24/7 has practically become a cultural taboo, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is the only reason people feel anxious. Research has shown that utilizing digital devices for avoidance purposes is another important factor of technology-related depression or digital anxiety.


Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression : We stress about the things we think we need to do rather than focusing on the real necessities. Additionally, there’s a ton of information being served to us at one time and that can get overwhelming. Too much of anything is bad for you & the same goes for technology. A “pause” is important for memory, learning, and to reduce anxiety. You can “slow walk” your detox by taking small steps to limit digital intrusions. When you’re ready for a bigger step, try unplugging for a half or full day.



It seems silly how proud we are of being busy. The explanations of “I’m so busy!” are really just our attempts to avoid making hard choices about how we live our lives. Staying busy is easier than taking time to pursue what would really make us happy. Worse yet, the Internet makes it so easy to be “busy” indefinitely. So be careful not to glamorize busyness. By doing so, you can start to think more clearly about how you are choosing to spend your time.


Pursue healthy interests/activities: Making time for hobbies or activities that promote health, personal
growth or connections with others can help to reduce screen use and provide a sense of meaning and purpose. Get creative: reading books, hiking in nature, taking mindful walks, prayer or meditation, joining a club, practicing yoga, volunteering or learning to play an instrument, draw, dance, write, paint, or get creative in the kitchen. Creativity is good as it helps build new connections between neurons and sharpens your brain.



Get outside daily to walk in nature or do a gym or home workout without being plugged into headphones—instead focus on the physical bodily sensations you experience and the environmental sounds around you. Exercise fights depression, poor focus, insomnia, addiction, and anxiety by raising and balancing the very brain chemicals and hormones that become imbalanced from using electronics. Exercise is good for your brain, your body, and your mental health.


Your physical health will improve : If your eyes are glued to the screen, you’re probably sitting or lying
down. A growing obesity problem is partly because of a lifestyle tied to the couch staring at a screen. It’s not only terrible for your lower back, neck and eyes, it’s also bad on your waist line. Unplug, go outside
and get the blood circulating in the body. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel. If it’s unavoidable to use your phone to listen to a playlist while on a run or workout, turn your phone to airplane mode or do not disturb, so there’s no temptation to check it. Although music is a proven way to pump up your effort, stopping mid-interval to answer a text or like an Instagram photo isn’t the most productive way to burn calories.



It’s a common sight at restaurants: a gleaming smartphone next to the bread basket. This means that eating has now become a multi-tasking activity, rather than a social and loving experience. This can prevent people from eating consciously & in turn can promote unhealthy eating habits such as overeating. A digital detox is a great way to promote healthy and conscious eating.


Promote healthy eating habits : Mindful eating is the practice of cultivating an open-minded awareness of how the food we choose to eat affects one’s body, feelings, mind, and all that is around us. Use this approach will help you reach a state of full awareness to your experiences, cravings, and physical cues when eating. It shall renew our sense of pleasure, appreciation and gratification with eating & make it satisfying experience. Make mealtimes an occasion for proper family or friend face-to- face interaction time, talking to people will make the virtual world seem more distant and help you focus on what’s real.



Begin reducing digital overload by taking small breaks away from your smart phone. Set it on silent, put the timer on 15 minutes and place your phone face down. Turn off all computer alerts (including e-mail) and focus on something for 15 minutes. Notice whether you feel any anxiety that you cannot check your phone or emails during the break. Practice this daily. After you successfully complete the 15 minute break without anxiety, begin increasing this up to one hour breaks or more. Let’s be honest – a lot of the time you’re checking your social media channels and scrolling through friend’s travel photos, rather than responding to messages or connecting with others. Taking a break from technology will show just how much time you waste on it!


A more content and calmer you : There have been thousands of social experiments where people have taken a break from technology and the participants are almost always surprised to find themselves less stressed because of it. When you’re on your phone or absorbed in your emails, you’re not living in the present. It’s only when you open your eyes to the here and now that you realise how easy it is to miss out on the good things around you.



Your bedroom is the easiest to begin with by just banning technology (such as your phone, tabs, laptops etc.) from entering that space. Most people use their phone for an alarm clock. But when you reach your phone to switch it off, the lure of a screen in a quiet bedroom is hard to resist a Netflix binge or mindlessly scroll through social media. Science has shown that when you look at a screen before bedtime, your brain is tricked into thinking it must remain alert and awake, preventing melatonin from being released which can potentially interfere with your sleep quality. To eliminate the temptation, it’s advisable to keep phones out of the bedroom and reach for a good book or magazines instead.


Improve Sleep quality : It’s best if one can leave the phone outside the bedroom at night and instead invest in an alarm clock. No more checking email and social media first thing in the morning or before bedtime. Screen time within an hour of bedtime can negatively impact quality of sleep that contributes to physical, mental and cognitive issues. It is strongly recommended that you give yourself at least two hours of technology free time before bedtime.



A phone in hand usually means you’ll try to do two (or three or four) things at once. Research on multitasking shows that it causes distraction, reduces productivity and increases errors. Additionally media multitasking also has been linked to lower wellbeing. It takes several minutes to recalibrate our brains back to the original task. Make a habit of only looking at one screen at a time to improve concentration span.


You’ll be more productive : Without the gadgets, you automatically put more of your focus on the task at hand. You can’t reach that golden flow state of productivity when you’re constantly distracted (and stressed) by notifications. You find yourself accomplishing more in less time, and in most cases your results are a whole lot better and more satisfying than what you ever tried while multitasking.



Once you get comfortable without the gadgets (Step 5), the next experimental step could be to prolong the break period to enhance your wellbeing. After observing your comfort & lessened anxiety, start by designating specific time/ hours each day that’s tech-free. For many people their biggest fear about doing a digital detox is that others won’t be able to reach them. Most emergencies are imagined & by taking tech breaks regularly & removing distractions, we are likely focus on what really matters and make better use of our time.


Time to think & Practise Mindfulness : When you aren’t sheltering your attention behind a screen, you might realize you have more free time than you think. A digital detox provides you with time to think about desired changes, recommitments, or to think freely and mindlessly. It can provide you with a genuine opportunity to feel mentally and physically relaxed. Being detached from your device gives you the ability to think through problems and find solutions (without searching Google). A distraction-free opportunity will open your mind and allow you to be more creative. You’ll solidify your ideas and determine ways to implement them.



Facebook and Instagram help us to connect with people in unprecedented and truly gratifying ways. Despite opportunities for online “connection,” loneliness is at an all-time high. Research shows that the more time we spend on social media, the worse we feel. That’s not surprising, given the fact that we see only a heavily curated version of friends’ and celebrities’ lives, which can be toxic for self-esteem.


Connect for REAL – If you’re stuck in cyber world too long, your social connections in real life can take a back seat. Main benefit to keeping all your electronics off is that it will allow you to establish good mannerisms and people skills. Make it a goal to have screen-free, in-person social connections with friends, co-workers and loved ones on a daily basis. Consider making it a standard practise to power down whenever there is an opportunity for conversation during meals or social gatherings. Talking to people will make virtual world seem more distant and help you focus on what’s real.



For televisions, choose the “natural” setting and lower the brightness and contrast controls to more closely match the surrounding environment. For computers, laptops, tablets, and phones, download software such as f.lux on all your devices, to warm and darken the screen as it gets later in the day. Convert to black and white – One reason our devices are so alluring is that they’re vibrant. Go retro. Many smartphones now allow you to change the settings so the entire phone appears in gray scale.


Rediscover Paper : make a conscious effort to rediscover paper and use it to replace tasks you do on your computer. Examples: to-do lists, goal setting, journaling, reading (go for books), calendar, shopping lists, draft presentations, and plan. Our minds process abstract information more effectively when we jot down our ideas on paper. If you’ve ever noticed that reading a book feels more satisfying than reading a tablet, you’re not imagining things. Not only do books offer fewer distractions, but research suggests that when we read on paper, our minds process abstract information more effectively.

The POSITIVES / MERITS OF Digital Detox can also be experimented with whilst on-board

• Collectively select a time / or day to stay clear from technology/ gadgets.
• No cell phones at work/meetings/ or get together.
Allow people to interact informally with each other.
• Plan more interactive activities. Make use of the gym/ recreation zones/ games on-board.
• Once people have good strong bond as team, the NO SCREEN DAY can be experimented with to minimise the screen exposure time.
• Leaving your smartphone (in the cabins) once in a while could make all the difference in handling the stress this changing world keeps throwing at us. Building Better social rapport for healthy interpersonal relationships
• Revive hobbies, awaken your creative side – photography, artwork, creating the best out of the waste etc., etc..

• Few ships have successfully experimented with NO GADGET during SOCIAL SUNDAYS which allows creating opportunities to build HUMAN CONNECTIONS that enhance Emotional wellness and reduce Digital Dependence.
• ACTIVITY TIME – Practise Reflection and Gratitude – A daily practice in quieting your mind and counting
your blessings can boost positive emotion and improve psychological wellness. Research suggests that gratitude may protect against social comparison and envy—common experiences with social media. Reflect on what is good and right in your life. During quiet, screen-free time, write down five good things from each day. Savour simple pleasures like a sunny day, a good cup of coffee or a friendly exchange with someone.

Food For Thought

• Are we are officially turning in to screen junkies ??
• Clarify Your Values with few quick & simple questions for self-analysis.
• Take time to mindfully consider what you value most in life. What do you want your life to be about? Quality relationships? Physical and emotional health? Spiritual growth? Professional growth? It’s impossible to step away from technology, and it’s not practical to suggest you can’t use it at all. But if it begins to distract you from doing what you should be doing – like your job or your education – or it negatively affects your relationships, or costs you more money than you can afford, then it starts to
become dangerous. If it is negatively impacting your life you need to evaluate what you do online, when,
how much and with whom. If you notice that your screen use is moving you in an unwanted direction, give yourself grace, hit the figurative “re-set” button and get back on track. Digital Detox is truly a personal endeavour. The biggest benefit of a digital detox: It helps you take

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more control of your life and your attention so you can focus on what really brings you joy — whatever that may be. So, don’t be afraid to disconnect. It’s good for you.

Recommendations – In your own life, if you can learn to take breaks from technology and share yourself with others, it promises you that your happiness levels will increase tenfold. The ultimate goal of digital detox is to develop a healthier relationship with technology.


“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”. — Confucius

The above article is adapted from different readings, seminars, articles on technology overload in the newspapers & magazines. If you have attempted any of the above tips & have experienced benefits from them, please feel free to write to us and share your experiences at [email protected]

~ Editor’s Desk



I rise & pull the porthole blind aside.
And what a vista awaits me outside.
Amazing, amazing, Heaven on sea!

Breezeless, ripple less, the sea a pond replicate.
The white sun, ever-so-gently opens its gate.
Beautiful, beautiful, Heaven on sea!

As I sip my morning coffee from the bridge wing,
A light drizzle kisses me on its southerly swing.
Amazing, amazing, Heaven on sea!

A beautiful double rainbow arches across our bows.
As we joyously enter this magical house.
Beautiful, beautiful, Heaven on sea!

The sun is getting mightier by the minute, indoors I glide.
But wait – a huge white/grey umbrella shades me, tempting me outside.
Amazing, amazing, Heaven on sea!

The clouds passeth & I walk indoor – awaiting the next act,
Luring me to the outside, a pod of porpoises on our tract.
Beautiful, beautiful, Heaven on sea!

Whilst I sit back enjoying the synchronicity in deep blue.
I hear a gull whistleth out to her mate saying “I love you.”
Oh Joy! Double bonanza!! In air & in sea!
Amazing, amazing, Heaven on sea!

The ruddy one is on its last legs in the west.
The golden orb, already arisen, bids adios to the mighty one to rest.
What a delight to see them baton- exchange.
Beautiful, beautiful, Heaven on sea!

In the golden hue, the gentle bow waves sneak aft.
Meets & mates their fellows from rear – as they laugh & dance.
And they grow and move away from me, leaving me in a trance.
Amazing, amazing, Heaven on sea!

Look above; the twinklers too are adding their magic tonight.
There, I see Sirius – he has his silver spear alight.
Otherside, the beautiful one too has thrown her silver streak – tempting me

My heart brimmeth with ecstasy!
Beautiful, beautiful, Heaven on sea!

And then in this vast expanse of blue & blue;
I see…….. You…………….My Beautiful One.
I am speechless. I bow down reverently.
Amazing, Beautiful, Heaven on sea!

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I participated in Merchants Cup Tennis tournament in the OPEN category and my team “FIGHTERS” came out as runners up and won a silver medal. I and my partner were adjudged the best doubles player for the tournament. This is the first time in Merchant’s cup, where a Mariner has played and won a silver medal. I really feel proud and hope to play many more tournaments like this. Telegraph Newspaper published the pictures of the prize distribution ceremony. Merchant’s cup tennis tournament is very old and prestigious tournament and is held every year at Calcutta South Club. The prize ceremony was held at Taj Bengal and it was attended by stalwarts of Tennis fraternity-like Mr. Andrew Piperno, Mr. Akhtar Ali …..etc I sincerely thank Mr. Rajan Bose for supporting me.

~ Capt. Shubhadeep Bhattacharjee


Staff on board M.V.CISNES conducted Cricket Match on 7th September 2019. Out of 24 Crew, almost 22 Crew participated in this game which was organised as part of National Sports Day – 29th Aug. Since we were coasting at this time, we decided to have the games organised while at mid-sea. It was a time full of fun and enjoyment.

~ Capt. Kumaresh Master of M.V.CISNES


Durga puja during Navratri is celebrated as symbol of Victory of the Goddess Durga over the Demon King
Mahishasura. Durga Puja is marked as the first day of Total Nine days Celebration (Nav-Ratri meaning 9 days). We all took this opportunity to celebrate the festival of Navratri & Dussehra onboard M.V. FEDERAL BEAUFORT from 29th Sep’19 to 8th Oct’19, in which all ship staff managed sometime from their work schedule depicting their devotion towards this holy festival and creating a homely environment. Everyone was delighted celebrating this auspicious festival on board creating an environment of harmony and
togetherness on board.




Having 2/E’s family onboard, taking this opportunity, we had given the honor of Hoisting our National Ensign to the Lady onboard as a good gesture & positive step towards women empowerment in our industry.


On 26 Oct-2019, MT NECTAR was on her ballast voyage to Arabian Gulf. It was decided by our top four officers that we will celebrate Diwali on 26th so that on 27th people can have rest as well as they can talk to their loved ones on Diwali.

Preparation started. Menu for party discussed with chief cook. My self (Sachin) took permission from chief officer that I need two people for decorating the officer smoke room for Diwali party.

My self, Deck Cadet Paras, AB Javed & AB Manjeet, we all met in officer smoke room after the morning tea break. We all started decorating the smoke room. It took around two hours for us to decorate the smoke room.

Now the location was full set for the evening party. Lights were on and the Music system checked making sure that nothing has been missed out for the party.

We had one SIRE inspection in this month and vessel cleared with only one observation. Everybody onboard was very happy with the result but some unfortunate event happened within few days and all crew got in a state of surprise & shock. This party was very necessary for all of us so as to bring back the happiness and joyful atmosphere onboard among all crew. And we found this to be a very good opportunity to have a get together on the eve of DIWALI.

After my noon watch I headed to the galley in order to prepare Paani Puri.

Most of the items on menu were prepared whilst the chief cook gave his final touch to each item.

Our Chief Officer (RAM KAILASH JANGIR) made the announcement on PA system for Diwali party followed by a beautiful message to wish all of us very Happy Diwali.

All were there in officer smoke room. After welcoming our Capt sir, and Chief Engineer, we started the party with Laxmi Poojan and Aarti. People started chit chatting with each other. Music was on. All the crew were enjoying the finger licking food prepared by our Bengali Babu (Chief cook). All the dishes were very tasty but Chicken Shahi Kabab and Dal Kachori, we liked the most.

After the dinner we all decided to play Housie. Tickets were arranged by our 3rd engineer (Vinay Guleria). Game started and finally Cadet Paras and JE Anoop Lobo won the title. Now everybody was into dance mood. Some DJ songs were played now all were on dance floor. Everyone was dancing and enjoying the moments.

These parties are little different from the one which we had at ashore but being a seafarer from last
10 year I liked the one which we had onboard. Everyone knows that people on board are from different religion, regions but still we all celebrate these festivals like a family. Once again wish very happy Diwali to all. May the year ahead bring Good Health and Prosperity.

~ Sachin | M.T NECTAR



Sunday 15th September was celebrated as “Onam Sadhya” (Onam Feast) on board M.V. Ore Italia as the vessel was in port (Singapore) during the Onam and same could not be celebrated during that time.

The Chief Cook, assisted by Bosun and team had prepared all traditional. The lovely meal was relished and enjoyed by all staff on board. The meal was served on banana leaves and was enjoyed by all sitting on floor as it is done in KERALA traditionally during ONAM SADHYA.

Also would like to mention that we took the opportunity of distributing the Anglo Eastern supplied Water Bottles to the crew as a part of the celebration explaining the importance of avoiding use of plastic bottles in future.

~ Capt. Sunil Pillai Master | M.V. Ore Italia



Flying with the wind (Milkweed follicle)

The perfect match for a lifetime

The Vision





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SOORAJ K – A GAINT | 4/E | Serpent v/s dragon in sky


Forecastle deck while the vessel was approaching the port of Prescott,Canada.

60 deg South latitude wile rounding Cape horn on a voyage from Argentina to Chile.



7 year old daughter of CAPT. GAURAV GUPTA
while sailing on board M.V. FEDERAL KUMANO

Paintings in the engine room


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“Books Are a Uniquely Portable Magic”-Stephen King.

They say it for a reason that books are your best friends.

The best habit we can inculcate in children is reading because “You Become What You Read”.

Keeping this in mind, members of ANAVI Kochi chapter decided to set up a library in one of the schools in Kochi. St. Michael’s Lower Primary School located on the coastal highway of Kochi was chosen in September 19’.

Over a period of 45 days, our members collected 650 books.

On 4th November 2019, ANAVI members Ms. Jincy Glen, Ms. Cicily Thomas, Ms. Mary Gladwin, Ms. Sweeta Midas along with Capt. Anoop Jose & Ms.Riya Cyrus from Anglo Eastern Kochi office handed over the books to the school management, at a small function arranged by the school – A happy and proud moment for all ANAVI members!!!.



ANAVI has always believed in having celebrations with a difference. Be it any festival or our anniversary. Continuing the tradition of spreading cheer to the under privileged during the season of Durga Puja and Diwali, we organized our visits to two of the institutes that have long been part of the ANAVI family.

First up was Topsia Creche. ANAVI members visited the institute and distributed new clothes to the 30 odd children at the school. We have a long association with this institute since our early days. Every year during the Durga Puja we distribute a new set of clothes to the children there. The children studying there are from very poor backgrounds with parents working as day laborers and maids. Even a small gift brings sparkle in their eyes. Their gratitude is our gift.

Voice of World is another institute which has been doing remarkable work with the blind under privileged. ANAVI is proud to be associated with them and has helped them with infrastructure support, sponsorship of prizes at events organized by them and monthly rations of mustard oil.

This month, like every month, members visited the institute to hand over 75 litres of mustard oil

With an ultimate goal of making them self – sufficient, ANAVI is investing in long term and sustainable support to the institutes that we are associated with. Activities and visits are carried out on monthly basis and assessment done to ensure that progress is being made.

Support from doners and well-wishers have been instrumental in helping us on our path. Wishing all a very happy Diwali and Durga Puja from the team and from all whose lives have been touched.



This year, Teacher’s Day celebration was conducted at Sarsuna Girl’s home. The girls performed few Yoga Postures they learned in recent times showing respect towards the teachers of the Home. Team Anavi was present along with Capt. Deepak Correa.



In order to celebrate 150th Anniversary of our Father of Nation (Gandhiji), ANAVI Lucknow had organized a charity event on 2nd October at “Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity – Old Age Home”, Sapru Marg, Lucknow in the afternoon.

ANAVI Lucknow supported the noble cause and took an active part in this soulful event.

After spending some time with elderlies at the campus and caretaking staff & authorities, following activities were organized:
• Lunch (Prepared at their in-house kitchen) and Sweets distribution for all residents (approx. 150)
• Distribution of Mixer Grinder and Induction Hot Plate for their kitchen.

All residents and Sisters were extremely grateful and blessed us from the bottom of their hearts. Overall it was a day well spent and extremely satisfying “JOY OF GIVING ” experience for Anglo Lucknow Team.



ANAVI Team Mumbai celebrated Elder’s Day on 01st October with the inmates of Old Age Home run by Little Sisters of The Poor. ANAVI Volunteers carried party props for the Elders of the Home and played the game of Housie with them which is their favourite. Indeed it was a big delight to see all of the elders beaming with that radiance and joy.



This year team ANAVI Mumbai celebrated Navaratri ( Dandiya Night) with the children of Salaam Baalak Trust, JB Nagar on Firday, 04th October, 2019.

There were total 155 children from centres in Malad and Charni Road and the event was organized at JB Nagar Branch which was well decorated by their staff.

The celebration started on the grooving beats from the DJ & sounds which was arranged by team ANAVI. The kids were dressed up in their ethnic attire and full of energy ready to hit the dance floor.

The joy of dancing to their heart’s content, the claps of the Garba dance and clatters of the dandiya raas made the evening ecstatic.

Our team member Amarjyot Singh arranged for snack boxes and refreshments. Ms. Vineeta Deshpande kept cheering younger kids by participating with them.

The celebration was wrapped up with dinner from ANAVI and their smiling faces gratified our hearts. Thanks to Capt. Deepak Correa & Capt. Sameer Sablok for attending the event despite their busy schedules.


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