Newsletter July 2017

Icebergs of North Atlantic

Impact of Global Warming

Notice the alarming increase in Iceberg Concentration in the waters South of Newfoundland, I transited these waters in May-2012 and now again in May-2017, and what we saw was shocking. Earlier there used to be only a few isolated areas with 20+ icebergs and now it is just maddening. These icebergs get broken off from the North Pole Ice Shelf and drift Southwards due to the Labrador Current. (Titanic collided with one such Iceberg).

One complete piece of multi year Ice approximately 700-800 meters Long

We saw many mountains of Multi Year Ice, some so huge we could see them from a distance of 60km. Helplessly drifting away in a place where they should not have been, waiting to melt and perish forever! Their battered shapes had a sad story to be told. While the Crisis of Global Warming may seem to be too trivial to some, it is in fact, a Crisis which is unlike any Crisis that Mankind has ever faced before. The more we spread the awareness, more will be the chances that our Planet will continue to be called as a living planet.

Capt. Deepinder Singh – M.V. Montreal Express


After having an overwhelming experience in our last ship BLS Liwa, when the time came again for my husband’s next sail, I was panic stricken, that If I will be able to join him again or not. Thankfully to Anglo-eastern Group and Mr. Maneesh Pradhan, we were allowed to sail back once again. I was so much glad to discover that finally we are going to another ship named “MORNING HARUKA”. Frantically, we packed our bags and ventured out for the airport, though we had an hectic journey from DELHI-SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE –MANILA, MANILA-GUAM, still worth for me to able to touch my feet in so many places altogether. The agent received us early in the morning even before the breaking dawn and we had to wait in the car till the ship was made fast. We could see the ship sitting in the car and watch the sunrise. Finally we could board the ship after all the clearance was made. Although I was too much tired, still I refused to let the tiresome journey dampen my soaring spirits. I was very much excited indeed to be onboard Morning Haruka. After a short sailing from Guam, we reached Saipan. Soon after we sailed from Saipan, we realized that my passport was lost. It was traumatizing for me and my eyes welled with tears.

We reached Quindao (China) and the immigration emerged to be a problem, though after making them understand the fact of my lost passport, they left. This trouble kept on to continue in every port we visited. Abruptly, this menacing situation wrecked us and the people of Anglo Eastern Mumbai mainly Mr. Maneesh Pradhan and Mr. Samson Dsouza who stood by our side in all this ordeal. Literally, it was a distracting situation which landed as a nightmare for all as nobody had ever faced such an incident before. When our ship touched Guam again, the office struggled hard for our repatriation.

All went in vain as the airlines denied to accept me without a passport. We packed our bags and were ready to sign off. My husband was totally unwilling to let me go alone as he was well aware of the ushering troubles I may face. Next day, when we reached Saipan, the office made another fruitless attempt to sign us off. No decisions seemed convenient either to immigration or to the airlines. When we were oppressed by our misfortune, there was only one person, Mr Dharmendu Mukhopadhyay (Chief Engineer) was behind us onboard who constantly supported us. Even though his signoff was stranded due to us and extended over 1.5 months, still he tried every possible way to help us. It was also an anxious situation in our family members as they were feeling helpless too. Some of the colleagues of my husband suggested us to tweet Ministry of external affairs. My brother in-law decided to mail the Ministry of external affairs. My husband kept on contacting the Indian Association of Taiwan on my behalf and my brother in-law was also in constant struggle from home. Finally the Indian embassy in Tokyo did respond us. Mr B.Subba Rao , Second Seceretary (Cons) did respond to our plea. We were about to arrive at Chiba on Sunday 8th May 2017. The Indian embassy took our case seriously, they even went as far as saying that for you we will come and open the gates on Sunday. The next challenge was the immigration, regarding this again the Indian embassy turned out to be our saviour; they told that my husband can come with the completed form and an authorization letter which will help me to get a Manual passport. Fortunately the ship had an extended programme so on 9th may 2017 i.e. being Monday my husband was sent to the Indian Embassy. Anglo eastern Mumbai helped us in making the arrangement for the travel. Till early morning I could see my husband was all awake and worried, as if he was about to sit for an exam. The next morning the Japanese agent arrived sharp at 6:30am. As narrated by him the whole way from Chiba to Tokyo, it was a very much anxious journey for him. The moment he arrived near the Indian Embassy, and saw the tricoloured flag fluttering high, it was a feeling of home away from home. Outside the main gate big banners were flaunted of INCREDIBLE INDIA. When he went to the gate, and introduced himself and the reason for showing up. It was surprising for him to know that already people were well aware about our saga. He was immediately escorted inside the office by Mr Rao and was treated very warmly.

Mr. Rao was very active in all this process, he swiftly verified all the documents and wanted to do a video conference just to make sure, I was present onboard. He greeted me humbly and assured me that no need to worry, my husband will be back with my passport. Mr. Rao was having a friendly conversation with my husband and told
him, that embassy is happy to serve Indian nationals in any part of the world in any distress; we are here to serve you all. In front of my husband many cases related to passport and other issues where people needed help or visa was there. They were gladly helping each and every one. Finally in about 2 hours they issued my manual passport and dropped my husband to the gate. That was the happiest moment for all of us. Anglo eastern Mumbai office was also overjoyed. With this I would like to thank few people who always supported us, be whatever it may be during this whole ordeal.

Mr. Dharmendu Mukhopadhyay (Chief Engineer)
Mr. Maneesh Pradhan
Mr. Samson D’souza
Mr. B.Subba Rao (Indian Embassy Tokyo)
Mr. Rajdeep Mazumdar (Brother In-law)

Please be noted that everywhere in the world, the Indian Embassy is ready to serve their Indian Nationals in every possible ways. So without hesitation people can turn up to them for any help required regarding passport or visa issues. Sailing happily onboard MORNING HARUKA…

Simantika Mukherjee
Wife of 2nd Engineer
Rohit Mazumdar


by staff of Hapag-Lloyd Montreal office

Hapag-Lloyd Montreal Office staff was hosted onboard on 28-April-2017 along with Superintendent Mr. Rajiv Pal from AESM Montreal.
Sharing a group photograph clicked on this occasion.

Seen from Left to Right:
Nishant Bhavsar (C/E), Mr. Rajiv Pal (AESM Montreal), Mr. Mike Mike Schaffler, Mr. Donald Poirier, Mr. Jason Tock and Capt. Felino D’Souza.

Capt. Felino D’Souza Master of Ottawa Express




TEXAS | Special dinner prepared by Chief cook (Dish name – Chowsuey and Dessert – diplomat pudding )


Pranayama photos from the M.V. Clipper Triton


Wearing Competition

CHALLENGE PROCYON FIREMAN’S OUTFIT WEARING COMPETITION Tuesday, the 7th of March 2017 It’s always good see competitive sports. So, out at the middle of Indian Ocean, we had our very own competitive sports event – where we were the participants, and we, the spectators. A competition of how fast any one of us can wear the Fireman’s Outfit and SCBA set with one person assisting him. It was announced during the de-briefing session for last Fire-Drill to have the competition on 7th. At 1630 Hrs, we all assembled on Wheelhouse for the competition barring the E/R watch-keepers. One set of Fireman’s Outfit and SCBA set was kept ready beforehand. The first participant was Pumpman Divyeshkumar Solanki. The time-keeper was Second Officer Bharat Bhushan, and OS Bharatkumar Solanki was assisting him to wear the suit. Amidst cheering and guidance from ship-mates, he completed wearing the complete set in 1 min 45 sec. The discussion was already ripe between all on how to reduce the time. Each one was analyzing the flaws in the technique and what could be improved upon. As the competition progressed, the times kept on reducing. It was a lesson in correct technique when A/B Arisilli Rao completed his turn at exactly 1 min. The surprise package was GS Hari Chand, who, at the age of 50 and being the oldest on board, completed in 1 min and 3 sec. Till then, OS Bharatkumar was assisting everyone. As the time taken kept getting shorter, the enthusiasm was getting better and better. The duty of assistance was taken over by OS Shivangkumar Patel at this time. And the times improved drastically. The first one to break the 1 min barrier was D/Cdt Shresth Gautam.

He took just 53 sec to wear the full set. It was really good to see a cadet on his very first ship analyzing the mistakes made by others and to rectify most of it with his own initiative. Someone shouted – “Let’s do it under 45 Sec”. The atmosphere was electric and times kept getting better. A/B Sajid Khan took just 38 Sec to wear the set – the first one to do it in less than 45 Sec. He was finally adjudged the CHAMPION but after some stiff competition from others. In this process, as many as eleven of the participants managed to wear the set in less than 1 min. 3rd Officer Gnanedhar Kumar came very close to Sajid by breaking the 45 Sec barrier – he took 43 Sec to complete. A/B Dharmveer Singh took 48 Sec, 2nd Officer Bharat Bhushan, AC/E Randheer Kumar, OS Bharatkumar Solanki and Oiler Sushil Naik also came close to 45 Sec – all of them taking 49 Sec to complete. C/E Yatin Yadav and Oiler Rasiklal Bariya did it in 51 Sec. Master Capt. Biswadeep Bhattacharyya was the last participant and he managed to return a timing of 47 Sec, edging past A/B Dharmveer. At the end, A/B Arisilli Rao challenged the winner and was given a chance by all. He put all his efforts, and managed a time of 40 Sec. As it was his second chance, his efforts were commended, but prizes were given to A/B Sajid Khan, 3rd Officer Gnanedhar and A/B Dharmveer Singh – a small token of appreciation from the management team. This competition clearly demonstrated the capability of the present staff and encouraged them to challenge their own beliefs. It was also evident that the technique kept on getting polished from one participant to the next. The enthusiasm shown by the crew has been really great and will give them the courage to challenge their abilities even in future. A/B Rao – 1 min 0 Sec 3/E Abhishek – 1 min 23 Sec Ch/Cook – 1 min 20 Sec Written by: Capt. Biswadeep Bhattacharyya Master, CHALLENGE PROCYON C/E Yatin – 51 Sec A/B Sajid – 38 Sec Capt. Biswadeep – 47 Sec CHAMPION – Sajid Khan FIRST RUNNER UP – Gnanedhar Kumar

Capt. Biswadeep Bhattacharyya


So this is from here it all began… For someone who have been scared of water in childhood, the world ahead is water water water.. but then there will be times to cherish with your soulmate away from other worldly things, and novel occurrences which will certainly be etched in my mind forever.. And..the cab stopped and I boarded a service boat to reach Shahrastani. Yes, that’s the name of the vessel I was to board. She is named after a horse, and like a gallant mare, she was to standing tall and stable, putting all my insecurities to rest with mere sight. As the voyage began, it started raining. Scorching suns, or Spring rains, this vessel seem to ferociously tear the ocean creating hypnotizing waves and move ahead. Dawn and dusk suddenly became best part of the day with sky becoming an art marvel and waves dancing to like their muse. Breathtaking, indeed..!! Oh and the breathtaking things would actually take your breath away. The ships started rolling..!!! Although I wasn’t quite bugged with rolling part, but the creaky sound wouldn’t let me sleep. So I diverted my time watching movies or TV series and snacking.Every night would begin with wafers or chips, and sipping coke while watching any random thing to doze off to sleep, until this became a legendary habit ! While first few days, eyes wander like a curious little infant, suddenly acquainted to a new world all together, albeit post that phase comes a little stability. Being use to hustle bustle of urban decays, the fresh air and brilliance of seas around seems to make you dull. There come days, when your mere motivation to stay on board is being with your man. But certainly those days never last long, chiefly because you start feeling it is your little home in the ocean. So then I started using my cognitive, culinary and artistic skills all in one day, every day. Since as an analogy this was my home, the culinary journey started with something sweet. Semolina Cake it was, or as we say it Suji Ka Halwa. This was followed by yogurt curry, onion fritters, cottage cheese curry, etc etc.. So there I was, trying to prepare delicacies in Indian style with a Filipino Chief Cook. While it was always fun cooking, a little professional style, there were also days I just wanted to feel lazy and eat what ever was served.

Mrs. Shifa Mahajan Kaushal wife of Chief Capt. Karan Kashyap

Almost all the time it would taste good, but sometimes, something was amiss. Or may be we are too use to spices and pickles. The chilly pickles and other spices were my savior. Not to forget, a lot of photography also happened on board. A little dubsmash, crazy selfies, and hell lot of craziness. Dressing up wasn’t really fun at home, but sometimes when u too bored, spending time in adorning yourself and taking pictures was great. The Internet is snail paced at times, but sharing the craziness on social media, my facebook page (Artist Shifa Mahajan) and with family was worth the effort. There were posed candid shots and it certainly was amusing to use the techie stuff. One of my favorites was looking in binoculars. The waves were hypnotizing even to bare eyes, but with those lenses its seems magical. When I was not cooking or admiring enthralling waves or painting, I would get to my laptop and study. Strangely I was doing some research on Mahabharata, and started feeling that crew was some characters from the epic. May be I was hallucinating, but there were amazing coincidences. Just like Yudhishthira, he would be master of the ship and share his wisdom and importance of discipline. Yes, I am talking of our Captain here. Then there is Bheema, who would relish the food, talk of fun things and was hilarious. It is evident it is Chief Engineer. Then I would see the quiet, wise and strong Sahadeva in Second Engineer, and a youthful Nakula in Third Officer. Oh ! There was charismatic, focused, adorable Chief Officer too, in whom I saw Arjuna. And I am not being biased, because he is my husband; but it is just that when any navy wife boards her husband’s vessel, suddenly she would get immensely proud of him and he will become her super hero. So to all these powerful Pandavas, oh I mean crew, I am highly appreciative of what you folks do. It’s a colossal task, and with the articulate way you work, I’m just smitten..! Wish I get to be part of many more amazing expeditions like this. Yes it was no less than an expedition..! And when I go, I will take away with me captivating moments, and keep some works of art here as an insignia from Artist Shifa Mahajan Kaushal.


By Ravi Teja Garaga & Capt. Rajesh Kamalanathan


While the term conflict generally is associated with negative encounters, conflict itself is neither inherently good nor inherently bad. In fact, engaging in conflict can have positive effects on relationships and organizations. Consider these benefits:Conflict fosters an awareness that problems exist.

Teaches Flexibility: Humility and openness are two admirable qualities to come from conflict. We have to discipline ourselves to not always have to be right. If we need to be right we make another wrong, and we come to be viewed as disagreeable, controlling, fragile and egotistical; none of which are qualities of a good leader.

Teaches us patterns of behaviour: When we listen, we get to know how people think and we gain insight into how they operate. This knowledge helps us define and work within their patterns, allowing us to respect limits and to predict where and when we can push without being offensive and still get the deal done.

Practice communication skills: Communication is a skill that requires self-control, patience and intelligence. It requires that we be real and authentic.

Practice emotional control: When we are in control of ourselves people can better relate to us, count on us and trust our intentions. Allows us to differentiate ourselves: We can learn a great deal about who we are through the differences we have with other people. This is called differentiation. Differentiation is our capacity to tell our truth and perspective as clearly as we see it, all the while remaining engaged with those who believe differently from us. Adjustments are the successes to come from conflict. The ultimate goal of conflict is resolution.

When people work together, conflict is often unavoidable because of differences in work goals and personal styles. Following guidelines can help to you to handle conflicts at workplace also in
your personal life.

Communication: If you reflect back upon conflicts you have encountered over the years, you’ll quickly recognize many of them resulted from a lack of information, poor information, no information, or misinformation. Let’s assume for a moment that you were lucky enough to have received good information, but didn’t
know what to do with it…That is still a communication problem, which in turn can lead to conflict. Clear, concise, accurate, and timely communication of information will help to ease both the number and severity of conflicts.

Acknowledge the problem. Keep in mind what appears to be a small issue to you can be a major issue with another. Acknowledging the frustration and concerns is an important step in resolving the conflict.

Define Acceptable Behavior: You know what they say about assuming. Just having a definition for what constitutes acceptable behavior is a positive step in avoiding conflict. Creating a framework for decisioning, using a published delegation of authority statement, encouraging sound business practices in collaboration, team building, leadership development, and talent management will all help avoid conflicts. Having clearly defined job descriptions so that people know what’s expected of them, and a well articulated chain of command to allow for effective communication will also help avoid conflicts. Clearly and publicly make it known what will and won’t be tolerated.

Avoid using coercion and intimidation. Emotional outbursts or coercing people may stop the problem temporarily, but do not fool yourself into thinking it is a long-term solution. Odds are the problem will resurface. At that point not only will you have the initial problem to deal with, but also the angry feelings that have festered below the surface during the interim.

Keep the communication open. The ultimate goal in conflict resolution is for both parties to resolve the issue between themselves. Allow both parties to express their viewpoint, but also share your perspective. Attempt to facilitate the meeting and help them pinpoint the real issue causing conflict.

Focus on the problem, not the individual. Most people have known at least one “problematic individual” during their work experience. Avoid your own pre-conceived attitudes about individuals. Person “X” may not be the most congenial individual or they may just have a personality conflict with someone on your staff. This does not mean they do not have a legitimate problem or issue. Focus on identifying and resolving the conflict.

Create Solution: Ask question to yourself “How do I think the problem can be resolved?” Act decisively. Once you have taken time to gather information, talked to all the parties involved, and reviewed all the circumstances, make your decision and act. Don’t leave the issue in limbo. Taking too long to make a decision could damage your credibility and their perception of you. They may view you as either too weak, too uncaring, or both, to handle the problem. Not everyone will agree with your decision, but at least they will know where you stand.

Dehradun Blood Donation

On 03rd June 2017 Blood donation camp was organized in association with IMA Blood Bank & DSWA – Dehradun Seafarers welfare association. 103 Units of Blood were collected while 119 person’s had visited office. Director of the IMA Blood bank appreciated our contribution and committed to full assistance to seafarer’s when required.

16th June | Anavi 8th Anniversary Celebrations

Anavi celebrated its 8th Anniversary on June 16th this year. Like every year, we celebrated with a difference.

1. A visit to Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital., We have a special place for this institution and the kids here as young brave hearts, fighting cancer, make us look at our lives with a completely different perspective.

2. Voice of World. This year though, we took our association a step further and renovated their dining cum cooking area. This was a perfect occasion for cutting the ribbon. This was followed by a presentation showcasing the work of this institute. Next came series of performances by the differently abled children.

3. Cremers Foundation Sarsuna, The dining hall renovated by Anavi for this institute is being well utilized by the girls there.

As we step into year number nine, we look forward to making lives better for greater number of underprivileged, not only in Kolkata, but in all cities where Anavi has been able to reach



I Ajay Kumar Arya, C/E Ex M/V Saga Fortune am proud to inform that my son

Kartik Arya is also sailing in AESM as a 3/Officer on M/T Maersk Privilege.

SAGA FANTANSY Badminton Tournament

Badminton tournament played on board from Jacksonville, USA to Santos, Brazil.

The winners are 2nd Officer Rajesh Bariya and Msm Deepak Negi.

The second photo is Master Pranay Mhambrey, CE sunil Nair with the winners and runners up.

The runners up are 3Off Prateek Bisht and Bosun Noor Mohammed Abdul Nizam.

Saga Fantasy Capt. Mhambrey


‘Sailor’ – The word which brings a sight of the blue seas and the beautiful ships into everyone’s minds. And for the sailor – what gives him the thrust to ride on the waves and set far for sailing in the open seas with no boundaries are his ladies. One word two worlds which are the strength and pride of the sailors – ‘The Lady’. This article is dedicated to the ladies who are waiting at home with great patience with no complains, who are the strength of the sailors, who are his inspiration, who are the strong pillars of the family and who make all the ends meet when we are in the high seas. The words are not enough for their description. The sailors are working hard for everyone and the wives are working harder to support their sailors. It is the wife, the lady of the house who takes charge when the sailor is away, it is SHE who raises the children, it is SHE who maintains the house, it is SHE who does all the paperwork, it is SHE who
cooks, it is SHE who is plumber at times, it is SHE who is a Doctor, it is SHE who is one in alll. There are endless things which the sailor’s wife does without thinking twice of herself. She has so much dedication that the sailor sets his sails without a worry and performs his duties in the best possible manner which would not be possible without the Lady’s support. This is a salute to all the wives who are now reading this article. Keep supporting. YOU REALLY ROCK !!!!!!!!!

Capt. Bikram Pal Singh
Master M.T. Bomar Quest

YARD DELIVERY Of M.V. Fairchem Katana

Fairchem Katana Capt. Rajesh Kamalanathan


The queen walked majestically, coming straight towards us. With the haughtiness of royalty she looked at us and sat down, bored with us commoners trespassing through her kingdom. Then with the confidence of one who owns all she surveys, she dozed off. We would have laughed if it were not the lioness of Sasan Gir at 100 metres from our Gypsy in open jungle. We gaped at the beauty of the lioness in the surreal light of dawn, awe and respect becoming exhilaration. Mission successful!

As always, my husband C/E Anup Singh, had asked me to plan a road trip-again! With the only brief being that he wanted to see the lions in their natural habitat. Both our sons also got excited and that resulted in an elaborate road trip from our home in Gurgaon to Rann of Kutchh and Sasan Gir via Bhangarh, the haunted fort in Rajasthan. We started at 4 am and after visiting the Bhangarh Fort (which does not seem so haunted in the morning) and the gorgeous Chand Baoli we reached Jaipur and stopped for the night.The next day we covered all of 900 plus kilometers to the Rann of Kutchh, the road is excellent and it becomes easier when even sons can drive! We reached our resort where we had booked 2 Bhungas (mud huts, Kutchh style). We went to see the sunset at the White Rann and ZAPP!! This is not real, is it? We kept asking each other, I even dug a little salt to taste it. Namkeen hai!! My marathon running husband could not let the opportunity pass in that vastness of beautiful white salt desert- so he ran, like a happy child, much to the great amusement of our camera wielding sons. We visited the Kala Dungar and went back to the Rann again just to make sure it was for real and we had not dreamed that white vastness.

We reached Club Mahindra, Sasan Gir and saw the magnificent lioness at our prebooked safari. Gir safari permit has to be booked online much in advance. The safari Gypsy gets allotted after your permit and everyone’s identity cards are checked. We were lucky to sight the lioness that early morning after bursting our Gypsy tyre and joking nervously as we stood in the dark jungle. We also visited the beautifully carved and gold covered Somnath temple before reaching the wonderful Diu beaches for some seafood and water sports. As the boys flew back from Ahmedabad, I and my husband carried on to Mumbai for the Annual Anglo conference. Every place has its own charm and each trip is a discovery!

From – Mrs. Purnima Anup Singh wife of CE Anup Singh


Dear All….Would like to share accomplishment of our son Bhavya Yuvraj Handa, a class 9th student of Vivek High School, Chandigarh. More than 6000 worldwide submissions were received by NASA for their International Space Settlement Design Contest 2017 and only 206 projects submissions were selected finally from students all over the world.

Bhavya Yuvraj Handa was the youngest of all 5 students who got selected by NASA and represented their school Vivek High at NASA, USA. During their two weeks stay in USA the VHS NASA Team went for various study tours to MIT, Harvard, NASA & also attended conference at St. Louis, Missouri.

By – Mrs. Nidhi Handa & Capt. Bharatdeep Handa


C/E – MR. Mr. Shyamal Ray

contributed by, Capt. Ancel Rodolph M.V. Clipper Triton