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On 25th June 2019, Office staff and few Sea Staff of Anglo-Eastern Ship Management (India) Private Limited, Mumbai commemorated Seafarer’s Day by conducting a Slow-Down Road Safety Campaign for the very first time at the signal post outside the office premises. Same was organized under the guidance of Mr. Maneesh Pradhan (Managing Director AESMI) by ASSET team of Anglo-Eastern in association with United Way, Mumbai. The Campaign witnessed more than 50 volunteers participating, majorly comprising of employees and few sea staff residing in Mumbai. The volunteers were divided into two groups and were handed over with safety campaign banners, slow down & safety instructions placards, leaflets with golden rules for safety and slow-down pledge on car hangers to be distributed to the commuters.

Both the teams showed extreme enthusiasm getting into the BEST buses and trucks, giving the safety instructions cards to the Bus and truck drivers. It was a motive driven cause, highly appreciated by all our volunteers and the Traffic Police.

Our Office team at Chennai also conducted a similar Slow-Down Road Safety Campaign as a way of celebrating Seafarer’s Day.

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Capt. Milen Raj hosted a fanta-bulous fun filled sports event onboard MT HIGH GLOW for his crew members from 25th Dec 2018 to 09th Mar 2019.

The event which was named the “THE NORTH ATLANTIC WINTER GAMES” was officially announced at the Christmas party with a first of its kind “Jersey Launch” and everyone was handed over personalized sports jerseys with their names and team names printed on them.

The event was later flagged off in the anchorage with the “TORCH BEARER “ marching in with the lighted lamp (SI Light) & handing over to Chief Engineer Roshan Kumar. THE NORTH ATLANTIC WINTER GAMES was officially declared open by Capt. Milen Raj.

The Crew members were divided into 3 teams viz.

    lead by 2/E Sameer
    lead by C/O Mahesh
    lead by 3/E Chinmoy

The events included games such as Cricket, Table Tennis (Doubles/Singles) & Carrom, Physical Tests – Crunches & Push-Ups & the most fun filled relay called – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. The organizing committee C/O, 2/E, CDT Ajay & Pumpman Rakesh ensured the timely conduct of the events with point tally been updated on a day to day basis. Bosun with AB Ankur & OLR Murugan ensured the ground preparations and the material supply for all the events. The judges panel included Capt. Milen, C/E Roshan, AB Pradeep & AB Bhavesh, who ensured that all games were held in a fair and professional manner.

The Games started with Cricket matches where TEAM SHARKS was the winner with C/O Mahesh leading the way & well supported by AB Bhavesh & Pumpman Rakesh. AB Bhavesh was the Man of the Match for the Finals. OS Swapnil was adjudged the best batsmen, Capt. Milen the best bowler & C/O Mahesh the best all-rounder. The enthusiasm was at its zenith by the end of the cricket matches itself and all the crew members equally participated.

The Carrom tournament winners were TEAM SHARKS, with Pumpman Rakesh teaming up with 4/E Apurva defeated a highly competitive TEAM DOLPHINS (Capt.Milen & AB Ankur) in a keenly contested finals.

The Table Tennis matches were organized in such a way that the whole crew participated in the event, basis their playing ability. The singles & doubles matches were conducted as 2 different leagues called Professionals & Players.

Capt. Milen won the singles tournament in the Professionals category & STSM Kidano in the Players category. TEAM DOLPHINS (Capt. Milen & AB Ankur) won the doubles championship in the
Professional category defeating TEAM WHALES (2/E Sameer & AB Pradeep) in a yet another keenly contested match; whereas in the Players category TEAM DOLPHINS (Cdt. Ajay & OS Swapnil) easily won over their rivals TEAM WHALES (Bosun Mangela & STSM Kidano).

The physical tests were thought to be a low interested affair initially, but the interest & enthusiasm shown by one and all made it a befitting competition for the seafarers. It was Pumpman Rakesh who was the
individual topper in the Push-ups; whereas Capt. Milen stunned everybody by taking 100 crunches and thereby taking his team to yet another trophy.

And finally, the BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG where the whole team participation was the requirement again with a well planned & trained structure. TEAM DOLPHINS narrowly edged out TEAM SHARKS by just 05 seconds & thus became the overall champions & the winners of the “THE NORTH ATLANTIC WINTER GAMES”. TEAM WHALES was awarded the fair play award.

The event concluded with a Prize distribution ceremony with trophies made onboard (Designed by Cdt.Ajay, AB Bhavesh & fabricated by Ftr.) for the winning teams, printed certificates and souvenirs for all crew members. Needless to say, the event was a grand success which not only highlighted the hidden talents of most crew members but also brought about an environment of brotherhood and unity amongst all crew.

Hats off to Captain and his team for their efforts in meticulously planning, organizing and executing the event on board; & the most important part was the first of its kind printed customized jerseys ordered from India.

~ Inputs by : 2/E Sameer Bandodker
Pic credits : 2/O Sidharth & OS Swapnil

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There was a boy who had a dream of becoming an athlete. He used to wake up early every morning, without having breakfast or carrying a tiffin, used to cycle to the sports stadium for practice. He got scolded for wasting his time, got punished for dozing off in the class, but he was determined and continued to practice. Later, in the year 1989, during the Inter School State Championships, he was declared the Best Athlete of Chandigarh. This boy eventually went on to work for a great Shipping Company that was also a true Champion like him. That Company is Anglo-Eastern Ship Management and that boy is Me.

I still remember the nostalgic feeling of that hot summer rainy day when, after completing my graduation from the prestigious T.S. Rajendra, I went up the skyscraper at Nariman Point in Mumbai and walked into the Anglo-Eastern office. My first step on the gangway of MV Meteor as a Deck Cadet was on Monday 18th of July 1994.

Nobody from our family had ever been to the Sea. My father was a bit nervous and my grandfather did not sleep that night. The Journey from that day 18th of July 2019, along with its share of ups and downs, has been a Wonderful one.

Awed by my statement, that I have been working with AESM for 25 years continuously since my cadetship without any breaks, the first question that people usually ask is, “Why did you not consider leaving Anglo-Eastern for another Company”? My reply generally is a simple one, “I never had a valid reason to do so”. Anglo-Eastern is strong-willed to elevate human performance and encourages us to do the right thing the right way

You can easily fall in love with such a company culture which promotes Esprit de Corps, and I am no exception!

Working with Anglo-Eastern gave me an opportunity to interact with outstanding personalities who made me realize the importance of Integrity, Reliability, Accountability and Efficiency.

The inquisitive ones sometimes ask the second question, “Why did you join Anglo-Eastern”? In response I narrate an incident. Visiting faculty from LBS Mumbai (cannot recollect his name) used to teach us Ship Construction in our final year, which was one of my favourite subjects. I used to practice
diagrams for hours until they looked like photocopies of the original. On the day of our results he held
out a paper in front of the class and asked, “Who is Deepinder Singh”? My hand went up. He looked at me, gave a second glance to the paper in his hand and said, “Son! If you ever find it difficult to get a job, please come and see me”. He further inquired, “Which Company are you planning to join”? I told him that I have been selected to join Anglo-Eastern. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Good choice! Because if Maersk Line is a Rolls Royce, then Anglo- Eastern is a Ferrari”. I smiled; but could not fully comprehend his comments.

Eventually I did understand that Anglo-Eastern, driven by passion, is going to race ahead and set standards for others to emulate.

From an observant Deck Cadet, I grew to become an ambitious Third Mate, a careful First Mate, a confident Master and a worthy Captain (I think so!). During the same time Anglo-Eastern, determined to improve continuously, transformed itself from a young company with a fleet of around 50 vessels into an iconic World Class company managing over 600 vessels!

Champions are Self-made with passion, will and determination. Given the champions we both are; we deserve each other. Anglo-Eastern shaped me further and I contributed to the best of my ability towards its success.

It feels nice to know that there is little bit of Anglo-Eastern in Me and a little bit of Me in Anglo-Eastern.

There is no better place I’d rather be than Anglo-Eastern!

Thank you!

~ Capt. Deepinder Singh
Master, MV Delphis Finland

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The book is available on Amazon.

CAPT. IRFAN SAIT RAZACK born on 02nd Feb 1961 in Chennai where he was educated and raised, has been sailing with Anglo-Eastern since 1991, with determination soaring the skies.

He has been sailing as a Master since 1995. His Life at Sea as a Ship Captain surely inspired him to gracefully jot down his experience in a book and publish it with the TITLE: Oh No Captain!

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On the occasion of International Day of Family, we as the GLENPARK FAMILY, organized an event on “PLASTIC FREE SHIP”. The theme of the event was “SEA IS THE HEART OF EARTH SAVE THIS BLUE HEART”.

All crew members actively participated in this event and came up with the innovative ideas on how to reduce plastic and make our ship plastic free. Different models, posters and ideas of our crew members enhanced the event to great success. Together this event was a great accomplishment for our family.


~ Capt. Sudheer.M.Deodhar

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We can use the water from washing machines in toilet flushes in an automatic manner. This idea is typically very useful in modern society apartments and multi-storey houses where water is usually scarce.

The washing machine at higher floor will provide good soapy water to the flushes at lower floors. We will need an extra drain pipe from the washing machine to a small plastic tank (sintex type tank – 300L). This tank will be kept at a height between the two floors of the apartment. The tank will have an overflow line which will connect to the lower tanks (as a filling line). This will ensure no water goes waste. A third connection on the tank ,at the lower end much lower than the top washing machine filling connection, will be of fresh water supply with a float. The lower fresh water float will ensure that tank never gets empty. Under normal operation, the float will always stay closed while the water from the washing machine drain (top connection) is used. In case of excessive use of flush or less water from washing machine the water from drain will be utilised. Then fresh water will take over and ensure non-stop water supply. Please find the detailed explanation in the diagram.

The required float is regularly available flush float used in the flushes these days. The overflow line will go the next lower tank. This way a cascading system will ensure that every drop of water is utilised. India is a one other few countries where precious treated water goes into flush tanks. Washing machine drain water has soap which should help in keeping toilets also clean. Also it’s not yet mixed with sewage and hence will not have foul smell (due to unavailability of bacteria and sludge).

I would be more than happy to explain further if required. I wish India becomes self-reliant in every aspect of every field.


My sincere thanks to AESM for highlighting this issue and I feel grateful as a participant. According to me, as of now, conservation of water should be one of the foremost priorities of our country.

Before looking at new ways of conserving water we have to do a few basic tasks – that is – to build up a
strong consciousness about water preservation among all our countrymen and convey the message about Importance of water conservation to school students, farmers, workers – in other words the entire population of the country.

The government has to adopt incentive measures/ concepts for preservation of water by minimizing usage of water and by reducing misuse of water in various government sectors including Government Hospitals, Schools, colleges, offices, industries, stations, public toilets etc. We have to implement new scientific approach for Agriculture -by reducing water intake, for example in China 300 litres water required for production of 1 Kg rice whereas in India 5600 litres of water needed to produce 1 kg of rice (source, News link crew, dated: 17th July). Rainwater harvesting has to be made mandatory for all existing buildings in our country. Strict action should be taken for those Industries / Municipal Corporation etc who are destroying river water by waste disposal. In metropolitan cities, water rationing may be introduced. Spontaneous participation and Involvement of all citizens is a prerequisite for water conservation through more tree plantation. The government may take suggestions about new ways of conserving water from experts / those who are working in this field for a long time.

Following are my suggestions for Conservation of water –

• Restoration and reformation of all the ruined ponds, lakes, dams, canals and rivers.
• Alternate usage of water whenever possible and applicable.
• Formation of Vigilance Cell for monitoring water wastage and prevention of pollution including ground water pollution by the industries.
• Need urgent starting of Organic farming which will abolished usage of
• Pesticide and chemicals hence preventing river water pollution.
• Diversion of Flood water to an irrigation canals.
• As far as possible Prevention of floods of weak /dying rivers by improving water carrying capacity of that rivers.
• Bare minimum usage of papers in all sectors including shipping industry and more access to digital world.
• For all leading or star hotels, resorts, guest houses-dry washing/sterilization for bed sheets, towels, pillow covers etc. should be done in place of daily washing with water.
• Electrical Subsidy for rural farmers for the use of Submersible pumps should be cut down immediately.
• For production of vegetables and other food crops farmers should adopt new water dipping method which consume less water in spite of conventional process. Regarding this matter Government /NGO involvement is required.
• Each and every family should throttle kitchen and bathroom wash basin cock/valve so that to minimize water flow which will reduce wastage of water.
• Water has to be reused,- such as water which has already been used for hand wash, can be utilized for flushing toilets.
• All water filling tank /water reservoirs should be equipped with auto stop mechanism to prevent
overflowing of water.
• Plantation of trees is essential for any barren lands including land beside rail lines, land beside national high ways and riversides.
• A target should be fixed for each and every family to save water a bucket daily.
• Restriction and prohibition of building construction in agriculture land.
• Prevention of plastic pollution as well as air pollution. Water Conservation Week should be introduced
nationwide – print media and electronic media may lead a great role regarding in this context. I believe conservation of water means saving trees, saving the lives of animals and protection of our Blue Planet.


Having read the articles by CE Shyamal Chatterjee and 3E Chetanya Gupta, I was deeply touched by their zeal to conserve precious resources of mother nature. And what more can be more precious than the elixir of life which is WATER itself. Though not a full time campaigner of environmental issues, I do possess an inclination towards similar concerns which as a tribute to these two gentlemen I would like to share my own thoughts.

Way back in 2003-2004 I had been to the port of Gladstone (east coast Australia). There a Filipino origin ship chandler boarded our vessel and got very friendly while discussing provision supplies and over a casual talk diverted to the topic of latest situations in Australia that summer. They were facing intense heat waves and acute shortage of fresh water supplies in cities, towns or any human habitations. So as a way to promote water conservation this ship chandler narrated to me an interesting story. He rattled out a poem and asked me to decode it. The poem went like this “When it’s yellow, Let it mellow… and when it’s brown, flush it down”. He asked me what I made out of it. Though the word “flush” did hint to me something to do with water but I didn’t connect to the whole issue behind this riddle. Finally I gave up with a laugh and asked this chandler what it was about. He then went on with the explanation. He said in east Australia (Queensland) they were undergoing severe crunch of water supplies everywhere. So in order to promote deep rooted thought process on water conservation the schools were teaching little kids this slogan to adhere to “When it’s yellow, Let it mellow…and when it’s brown, flush it down”….which meant when using urinals do not flush every time you go to the bathroom i.e until the color of water in toilet commode is yellow (so let it mellow) and when it turns brown (after two or three times use) then only flush it down. Though this chandler narrated this whole episode with an edge of humor but he insisted he wasn’t joking and it was really being campaigned for within local schools. I understood the whole picture. I assured him I did believe him and commended at this innocent but meaningful step towards water conservation. I got the broader picture in a wider context which actually is already applicable and is being followed (whether by compulsion, lack of resources or conscious effort) in many places of the world….and this broader picture is that “Immaculate sanitation comes at a prize. It is costly and at times resource-unfriendly when you aim for not-a-speck-of dust kind of mindset. With such mindset you, in effect, become wasteful guzzler of resources…and that too only to let shine the already glistening castle of yours a notch more. And when it comes to the crunch (acute shortage of resources – in this case water), you very well know you can always trade off a little of your excessive glitter and accommodate for lesser standards….in this case a little less hygienic – instead of flushing water at every score you could do equally well with doubling the interval without hurting yourself one bit”. This to me was an eye opener of sorts, even if the narrative above may be an easy, non-serious and humor laced but it did have a lesson in it.

For my action part in my day to day living ashore (at home when on leave), whenever I go to social gatherings like marriage functions, or any celebrations I make it a point I do not drink water from packed plastic water bottles that’s handed out with a flourish these days. Usually I do get queried by the host about this abstinence at which I don’t miss a chance to politely hint him that how this so called status symbol is ruining our environment and how one needs to make changes into their social habits to embrace more ecofriendly ways of offering drinking water during such occasions (like water dispensers with paper cups). Similarly checking into hotels I find these days it’s a fashion to keep rooms stacked with plastic bottled water instead of traditional flask dispenser with glass tumblers to drink from. It’s become kind of a style statement of hotels these days…. But in the wrong direction. On such occasions I persuade the room service to get me glass tumblers with water jug or flask and show me the drinking water fountain from where I myself can fetch drinking water whenever I wish to. They usually grin in amazement at my tenacious
persuasiveness at this apparent non-issue (as per their perceptions) but again as I said….I hardly care at their stare. Because if I believe if you got to propagate and lift up the burden of a just cause, you got to do it with vigor and passion and be least worried about what the people will say to you. You
got to worry about what you will say to your own self if you didn’t take up that cause.

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On 13th May 2019, the Anavi Mumbai Team along with owners’ reps from Ardmore organized an activity at Home for the aged run by Little Sisters of the Poor, Mahakali.

ANAVI team of Mumbai organized activities and accompanied the Ardmore Owners to Old Age Home, Mahakali.

The Ardmore reps arrived in 2 batches, one at 13:30 hrs while the other at 14:15 hrs. The owners dynamically participated in activities like laundry, chopping of vegetables and gardening with a good sense of humour. Later on, they enjoyed coconut daab along with the tender coconut meat arranged for them as refreshments. All of these activities witnessed a true sense of team work among the owners and ANAVI volunteers as each one identified and took up responsibilities voluntarily.

Each activity was carried out with fun and laughter which made this event a joyful success. In the end
we sang songs for the elders and spent some quality time with them.

Sisters and The Elders from Home for The Aged, expressed their deep gratitude for the efforts put in by the team ANAVI + Ardmore Owners and assured us of their prayers while insisting us to visit them again as it uplilfts the elders, making them feel high spirited and loved.

Finally a group picture was taken with Sr. Agnes and we bid good bye to each other with best wishes until
next time.

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