Ship Owners visit to Anglo Eastern Training Facilities

On 2nd of March, various ship owners, delegates from various parts of the world had visited Anglo Eastern Maritime training centre along with Mr. Peter Cremers, Mr. Marcel Liedts, Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Mr. Vijay Gupta, Mr. Sunil Joseph and many senior management team of Anglo Eastern group across the world. Capt. Kersi Deboo welcomed all the guests and gave a brief introduction on various training courses conducted for value addition of sea going personnel. Capt. Chawla narrated the ideology in imparting training and how the growing numbers are tackled in imparting quality training to the seafarers. The Competency Management System and learning management system was launched on Anglo-Eastern’s web facility for accessing the learning material, including various accidents, latest circulars and competency management system.  Mr. Akkara explained how the equipment based training is imperative for engineers and gave a brief note on the new additions of training equipments to the training centre.

Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Capt. K. N. Deboo and Mr. Francis Akkara addressing the guests

All the guest took a good tour of the training centre and were well impressed with the facilities and enthusiasm that the faculty of AEMTC holding with. In the automation lab, Mr. Anil Arora inaugurated the latest addition to training. Mr. Anil Arora from Unique shipping inaugurated the transfer pump system, with a complete process and automation. Various equipments and working models used in different training programmes were explained by Mr. Francis Akkara, the head of engineering studies. He proudly showed all the test rigs made by AEMTC faculty identifying the need to include in the training programme.

Mr. Anil Arora of Unique Shipping inaugurating Fuel Oil Transfer Pumping system

The second equipment which was put into the training use was the “Advanced Instrumentation Training Rig” which was custom made to train the engineers in the field of automation and control system. The training model could simulate numerous control systems used onboard vessels. When the engines run the cooling water temperatures must be controlled in good a degree of accuracy to avoid cylinder liner failures. Boilers, COP’s or purifiers are all subject to the same type of process control which needs good understanding to even recognize the signs of failure or a drop in performance. This training equipment was made to simulate onboard conditions and processes to have a real time feeling of the systems onboard. The trouble-shooting and fault finding skills can be certainly improved with the integration of theoretical and practical training carried out at AEMTC. Mr. Francis Akkara added.
Mr. Roger Tupper, the Director Marine Hong Kong proudly dedicated the advanced Instrumentation trainer to maritime training world and Mr. Marcel Leidts, COO of Anglo Eastern Group narrated the important features of this “advanced Instrumentation training rig” which was custom made to train the engineers in the field of automation and control system. Mr. Roger mentioned in his short speech that such training equipments are necessary to create onboard situations and control processes to educate the engineers in the field of trouble shooting and fault finding. We have to move with technology. Anglo Eastern is a leading example to show the other ship management and ship owning companies that the training does not come second to any other shipping activities.
Mr. Roger congratulated Anglo Eastern group for supporting the training division for setting up such a state-of-the-art facilities for the post sea training.   Mr. Francis Akkara explained to all the guest, how this training  model would help to relate the onboard processes and identify various problems and trouble that could creep in real life. He explained the need to integrate the trouble shooting skills seamlessly onboard by learning the skills here at the training centre.

Mr. Roger Tupper, Director Marine Inaugurating Advanced Instrumentation Trainer, Mr. Marcel Liedts, COO and Mr. Francis Akkara, Sr.GM AEMTC looks on

There were two more additions to the Anglo Eastern Maritime Training centre’s training facilities in their machinery work shop. Anglo-Eastern has been technically managing gantry vessels, especially of Saga groups. High pressure cleaning machines are being used on these vessels to clean the holds. Anglo-Eastern has provided a similar type of equipment for training purpose here at the machinery work shop. Mr. Eivind Holte inaugurated this unit and demonstrated the equipment for guests, amidst huge applause.

Mr. Eivind Holte of Saga Shipholding – Inaugurating the Mari Clean – High Pressure washing System for Gantry Vessels

As Anglo-Eastern moving along with the technology, Anglo-Eastern added yet another latest equipment for training their engineers with the oil mist detector. This working model is the latest make and one of the most popularly used models onboard.

Mr. Alastair Fischbacher – from Rio-Tinto inaugurating Oil Mist Detector while Mr. Marcel Liedts and Francis Akkara looks on.

Mr. Roger Tupper, Capt. K N Deboo and Mr Vijay Gupta at the Machinery Space Workshop

In the concluding remark, the ship-owners were very happy to see the appropriate direction of training and ideology of imparting value added training to their sea staff. The ship-owners assembled back at the hotel for interacting with sea staff to discuss the specific problems and development in their own respective fleet.