29th and 30th September

“We should aim to bring them to a stage where they do not need our help anymore.”
A thought that summarises the fundamental belief of Anavi. It was the young Enzo, sixteen year old son of Mrs. and Mr. Cremers who said it better than we could have ourselves.
The Cremers family along with Capt. Vinay Singh was in Kolkata during the last weekend of September to visit the various institutes that Anavi has been working with.Six institutes were covered during their stay here.
In spite of an early morning arrival, the Cremers were ready at the scheduled time. They were keen to take the maximum out of this visit. Team Anavi had meticulously planned an itinerary to ensure that they could spend quality time at the various institutes.
The first visit was to the Cremers Foundation, Sarsuna. This institution, whose association with Anavi is as old as Anavi itself, has been the cornerstone of our activities. We are invested in infrastructure as well as soft skills development of the children here. The Cremers were very happy to see how the efforts of Anavi have brought a significant change in the lives of the underprivileged girls here.
After a round of the campus where they interacted freely with the caretakers and teachers, they discussed with Anavi members how we could help them further. It was followed by a cultural event.

The students welcomed the Cremers family with a fine speech in English which impressed the guests. It was heart warming to see the marked improvement in the girls. Two dance performances were followed by a skit in English. Anavi would like to thank Ms. Sonia for being the anchor for the event.
The students were presented with clothes, utensils for food and food packets in especially prepared Anavi cloth bags. They in turn presented Enzo with a photo frame made by them. The Cremers family encouraged the girls to keep improving and wished them best for a bright future. They appreciated the teachers for the wonderful job they were doing.
The second stop was at Nabneer Old Age Home and Nabneer Non Formal School. Anavi sponsored the stay of “Radha Rani Maashi ma” at this institution. We also supported the English and computer training there. The Cremers met “Maashi ma” and presented her with a sari. The children were given plates and tumblers and food packets. The children presented a very nice skit on the theme of environmental protection as well as sang a wonderful song. The Cremers were very happy with the English speaking skills as well as the confidence of the young kids. They appreciated the efforts of the teachers and wished the kids the best for the future.
The second day was in fast forward mode. Visits to four institutes were lined up for the day so we started early.
The first visit to Thakurpukur Cancer hospital was a moving experience. The sight of young cancer patients, who inspite of the challenges of their lives , had a smile on their face to welcome the visitors nearly brought many members to tears.

Anavi has been associated with this institution in many ways. We celebrate birthdays with the kids, we have donated equipment here as well sponsored the treatment of young cancer patients. Our annual blood donation camp is also organised with the hospital to help the patients.
We celebrated with the children by cutting a cake with them and gave them goodie bags containing stationery, colours, drawing books and juice. The children with the birthday caps and whistles were very excited. The doctors were happy to see the smiles on their patients faces. A rarity in that place. We also saw a demonstration of the advanced CPR training manikins that were donated by Anavi.

We proceeded to Voice of World from there. All guests were welcomed with flowers prepared by the visually challenged children of the institute. A welcome speech and presentation about the activities was followed by dance performance by the visually challenged children.
Ms. Gupta, founder of Voice of World, thanked Anavi for their support to the institute. Anavi has completely renovated their dining area, donated computers and supports by supplying monthly rations of mustard oil.
Anavi felicitated Ms Gupta and presented the institute with a music system. All the 140 inmates were given food packets.
The Cremers were clearly impressed with the work which the institute was doing and assured them that Anavi would continue to support them in future.

Our third stop for the morning was Apon Ghar Old Age Home. Anavi has been working with the institute and has brought improvement in the living condition of the inmates. The Cremers interacted with the old ladies and presented them with sarees and fruits. They were impressed to see the progress that has become possible by Anavi ‘s efforts.
After a short lunch break, we proceeded to Ramola Bhavan. This is another institute for the old ladies and has a long association with Anavi. The Cremers interacted with the ladies and took a round of the premises. The energy and spirit of the ladies always inspires us and they enjoyed the company of the guests, the language barrier notwithstanding.
All ladies were presented with goodie bags containing items of daily use.
After one and half days of hectic travel and many smiles and “thank yous” later it was time to pause and reflect. An interactive session with Anavi members brought about many new ideas of how we could improve in terms of number of people reached as well as the scale of operations. The commitment to support Anavi was evident and they expressed their satisfaction at what they saw. The results of our efforts and our way of working, members dedication will always be supported by the company and the family – this assurance was given by Mr. Cremers himself.
Capt. Vinay Singh was keen to replicate this success at other chapters as well. He had an extended session with the members discussing ways to get Anavi to the next level.
The two days passed without any hiccups. This was possible inspite of the Kolkata traffic, Durga Puja preparation, erratic showers and a major thoroughfare of south Kolkata being inaccessible. Thanks to the preparation by the members ably supported by Mr. Rajan Bose we had a most memorable weekend.

– ANAVI, Kolkata